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19 Nov

Zong Ning: Pepper night stars shine, anchor gradually into the mainstream circle of science and technology in September 14th – Sohu held a "Night Live pepper pepper 2016 shining star awards ceremony in Beijing, the 300 anchor for popularity awards, 30 star back at the scene. Can be described as the creation of the live broadcast of Oscar, a grand scale, creating a precedent in the industry. The night before the pepper 14 stars the same day turns to live, to create a live broadcasting industry star collective industry record. Direct broadcast industry has never had such a grand event, but also did not have so many stars to participate, so from this perspective, the night of pepper can be said to be a symbol of the new stage of the broadcast industry activities. The stars shine in the night of the new anchor to pepper, pepper Fan Bingbing began his live debut, and the long waiting fans intimate interaction, watch more than 6 million 480 thousand, creating a record of pepper platform. And Fan Bingbing himself has become pepper chief experience officer, Zhou Hong personally issued a certificate, announced that the entry of pepper Fan Bingbing. Another national male god Zhang Jike, will also be invited to become the "chief product officer", the male god goddess on the same stage, Guangcaizhaoren, set off a climax. This also shows that, in fact, arts and entertainment circle is also moving closer to the new era, but also in many platforms to explore their own influence and training. The addition of these stars will obviously make pepper platform to get more attention, but also to become more influential platform. For ordinary anchor, the star anchor in their is no harm, these star fans watching the stars at the same time, will also pay attention to their own love of the other talented anchor, it is given a lot of ordinary people the opportunity to be recognized. As long as you have the talent, to allow everyone to recognize, you will create more opportunities to change their lives, take a different stage. This is a win-win result, pepper is a can give more opportunities to all the people of the platform, many people will therefore go on their road to counter attack. Stars pave the way, anchor shine, is the premise of the premise of the ecological broadcast into the mainstream, pepper is clearly the basis of this popularity. Live upgrade, anchor evolved over the past year, live is the largest outlet, and with the live broadcast to thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, also entered the industry turmoil. There are a lot of uneven in quality phenomenon, and even become synonymous with the anchor awl face, plastic face, also broke a lot of things to ring powder use unscrupulous divisive tactics. In fact, this greatly hindered the development of the industry a lot of anchor, anchor has therefore been stigmatized. In fact, this is not a good phenomenon, a new thing in the absence of proper guidance and support is easy to die. So pepper held this conference, is to give the industry an example. Zhou Hong also said at the scene, mobile live with more real, real-time interactive features, is becoming a new social way after micro-blog, WeChat, is about to become the next Internet outlet." And he also claimed to be a big anchor, which may also be the richest anchor. In this event, a large number of stars gathered to host the award, from the star of this.相关的主题文章: