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17 Apr

Zhengzhou is a junction before "outdated" sign the wrong way for more than 1 years – reporter Tian Yuchen Ventura yesterday, the people call the newspaper reporter Mr. Yue said: Zhengzhou Longhai Road and Yongqing Road near the intersection, Longhai Road construction is over 1 and a half years, but still shuzhuo "Yongqing road construction ahead, please bypass" sign, misled many drivers. In this regard, Zhengzhou patrol police said eight teams, will immediately sent to the scene to remove the tag to recover. Yesterday, the reporters came to Zhengzhou Longhai Road and Yongqing Road intersection 300 meters south, Yongqing Road on the eastern side of the sidewalk, a sign of "West Sanhuan Longhai Road construction, passing vehicles please bypass advance" sign, the sign is inscribed as Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau Traffic and patrol police detachment. Nearby residents Liu said, this sign has been here for more than 1 years. But the project has been completed, this brand has not been removed. "Some drivers here, think in front of construction, but do not know how to bypass." Yesterday, Zhengzhou police said eight Traffic and patrol police team, West Sanhuan Longhai intersection engineering construction, the project department to apply for the Zhengzhou Traffic and patrol police detachment, they made some remind detour signs. According to the normal procedure, the completion of the construction project opened, the project department should report, the application will bypass the signs so far removed, they will also unknown project department. "We immediately sent to the scene to see, as soon as possible to remove the tag to recover." The police said. Mr. Yue K-line cable provides remuneration 100 News Hotline 96211 Video: Beijing: copycat signs charming eyes Hanting Hotels will be punished相关的主题文章: