Zhejiang fishermen to the mysterious colorful lobster body can sell 600 thousand yuan in Beijing invictus gaming

16 Nov

Zhejiang fishermen to the mysterious colorful lobster body can sell 600 thousand yuan – Cangnan Beijing Longgang a fisherman caught a mysterious lobster, all colorful, big, 3.47 pounds of weight, the body was green, with black and white, there are a lot of yellow spots dotted with suspected Chinese palinuridae. The owner of the lobster old week, he said, 13 years old began to sea, when the age of 19 when the eldest brother, played more than 40 years of fish, this is the first time to see such a lobster." The lobster, at 2 p.m. on November 7th, was caught by a trawler in the waters off Fujian, Ningde. Trawl dragged up a lot of fish, we count, found the lobster, 1 meters long, the color is very beautiful." Old Zhou said that he and the ship’s six or seven old fishermen have not seen this lobster. The second day, the old week fishing boats back to Cangnan Longgang, this lobster news came out, the neighborhood eight township people came to watch, but who are not clear, this is what shrimp. It was specially found on the Internet photos, that the lobster is likely to be the Chinese splendid lobster. Zhejiang Marine Fisheries Research Institute staff after seeing photos, from the shape and size, etc. to capture, capture the old week really like the lobster palinuridae, but had a specific physical watch will be judged. It is understood that the palinuridae carapace slightly cylindrical, with different size of the front surface and the thorn, green carapace slightly blue, second tentacles handle blue, pink is slightly sounder, the first step out of the foot tentacles and conspicuous pale yellow and black ringed, abdominal sections including the tail handle back in the middle of all with broad black bars, is the biggest in the lobster genus. Color bright and colorful, relatively rare in the coastal areas of Zhejiang. "Wild lobsters are relatively rare," said China’s splendid lobster." Cangnan, a local seafood business boss said, currently more common on the market in Wenzhou is Australian Lobster, American lobster, Thailand lobster, priced at about 200-300 yuan per kilogram. In November 2014, there have been fishermen in Wenling Shitang waters, fishing to a similar colorful "God shrimp", and later was bought with 600 thousand yuan. Newspaper correspondent tin tin basic newspaper reporter Wang Yimin相关的主题文章: