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03 May

Zhangzhou crab arbor was crush blisters in the swelling of the hands next to the ICU. The old Soviet skin graft surgery 55 year old Su, who lives in Longhai Haicheng Town, who love eat seafood, a friend sent a basket of kindness to let him taste fresh crab. The morning of October 19th 9, he plans to kill the crab, hands thumb clamped two crab pliers, a lot of blood flow. Unexpectedly, because of this, the old Su lived in the 175th Hospital of the PLA critical care medicine, what’s going on? Crab crush hands swollen blister in the morning of October 28th, the PLA 175th hospital ward, wrapped in gauze, hands are receiving infusion treatment of the old Soviet Union and a bit haggard. He recalls, he was back on the three point red crab pinch. "On weekdays, when killing fish, crabs and other seafood, the sting or clip injuries have occurred." Old Su said, the day of the incident, he felt nothing serious, did not care. Around 4 p.m., the hands began to bleed, swell, and tremble all over. The old Su thought that the boil was over, but the illness got worse, and finally told his son, the family immediately sent him to the hospital. However, the old Su’s illness not only did not improve, his hands swelling more and more serious, and even began to blister. In the afternoon of October 21st, the old Su was transferred to the 175th hospital for intensive medical treatment. The diagnosis of Vibrio vulnificus infection caused by the doctor diagnosed that the old Su was infected with Vibrio vulnificus. Zhu Jian, the doctor of critical care medicine in 175 hospital, said it was the first time. It is understood that Vibrio vulnificus also called marine Vibrio, is a kind of habitat in the ocean of halophilic gram negative bacteria, love grows in 20 DEG C to a temperature of 25 DEG C in the summer, so more. Once the body after infection, skin infection will shock, skin muscle necrosis, sepsis in 48 hours, causing multiple organ failure, 75% patients could die. Zhu Jian said that the bacteria have two main routes of infection, one is eating raw or unprocessed shellfish shellfish (especially oysters). Another way of infection is that the damaged limb is exposed to seawater, or seafood is infected with skin. "Although the old Soviet Union did not contact with seawater, but also belongs to the crab crab, easy to be infected." Zhu Jian said, although the marine Vibrio vulnificus dangerous, but healthy people are not susceptible to infection, suffering from liver disease, low resistance crowd is high-risk groups. Doctors warned not to eat raw seafood, old Su was eventually diagnosed as a relatively rare infection caused by Vibrio vulnificus. Now the situation has slowly improved, and the next step is skin grafting. Zhu Jian suggested that, to prevent Vibrio vulnificus, prevention is the key, peacetime citizens in the capture or slaughter of seafood in the process, must remember to wear gloves. If there is a wound on the hand, try not to touch the sea; sting or clip injury should be treated as soon as possible, rinse with water or squeeze infected blood. In particular, do not eat raw seafood, preferably cooked and then eaten." He says people with lower immunity, such as older people, children and pregnant women, and people with immune deficiency diseases

漳州阿伯被蟹钳夹伤 双手红肿起水疱住进重症室   ◆老苏接下来要进行植皮手术   55岁的老苏,家住龙海海澄镇,平日喜欢吃点海鲜,朋友好意送来一筐梭子蟹,让他尝尝鲜。10月19日上午9点多,他打算宰杀蟹,双手虎口被两只梭子蟹的钳子夹住了,流了不少血。   没想到就因为这样,老苏住进了解放军第175医院的重症医学科,怎么回事呢?   被蟹钳夹伤 双手红肿长起水疱   10月28日上午,在解放军第175医院的病房里,双手缠满纱布、正在接受输液治疗的老苏,显得有些憔悴。他回忆,自己是被背上有三个红点的梭子蟹夹伤的。“平日里,宰杀鱼、蟹等海鲜时,被蜇伤或夹伤的事时有发生。”老苏说,事发当天,自己觉得没什么大碍,也没在意。谁知当天下午4点左右,双手开始流血、肿胀,全身有些发抖。   老苏以为熬一熬就过去了,可病情严重起来了,最后还是通知了儿子,家人立即将他送往医院。   然而,老苏病情非但没好转,双手红肿越发厉害,甚至开始长起水疱。10月21日中午,老苏被转到第175医院重症医学科继续治疗。   医生诊断 感染创伤弧菌所致   经诊断,老苏是感染了创伤弧菌。175医院重症医学科的医生朱健说,也是头一回遇到这种情况。据了解,创伤弧菌也叫海洋弧菌,是一种栖息于海洋中的嗜盐的革兰阴性菌,喜欢生长在20℃到25℃的水温中,所以夏季比较多见。一旦人体感染后,会在48小时内出现皮感染性休克、肤肌肉坏死、脓毒血症,进而引起多脏器功能衰竭,75%的患者可能丧命。   朱健说,这种细菌主要有两种感染途径,一种是,进食生的或未经加工熟的贝甲类海产品(尤其是牡蛎)。另一种感染途径是,破损的肢体接触海水,或海产品刺伤皮肤而感染。“虽然老苏没有接触海水,但梭子蟹属于海蟹,也容易被感染。”朱健表示,海洋创伤弧菌虽然凶险,但健康人并不容易感染,患有肝病、抵抗力低的人群是高危人群。   医生提醒   尽量不要生食海鲜   老苏最终被诊断为较为罕见的创伤弧菌感染所致。目前情况已慢慢好转,下一步还需进行植皮手术。   朱健建议,要防范创伤弧菌,预防是关键,平时市民在捕捉或宰杀海鲜的过程中,一定要记得戴手套。如手上有伤口,就尽量不要去接触海水;被蜇伤或夹伤时应自行尽早处置,可用清水冲洗或挤压感染的血液等。“尤其不要生食海鲜,最好是煮熟后再食用。”他说,对于老人、小孩和孕妇等免疫力较低的人群,以及患有免疫缺陷疾病的人,都要少接触各种带刺的海鲜,以免受到伤害后引起致病风险。   此外,毛蚶、泥蚶、蛤类、牡蛎、蟹等,容易造成甲肝传播;生鱼片、生鱼粥、醉虾蟹以及采用涮或烧烤方式烹煮海鲜,海鲜未熟透,或者炊具、容器生熟不分,极容易引发食源性寄生虫病,如肝吸虫、肺吸虫、姜片虫、广州管圆线虫病等。   导报记者 张韩丰 见习记者 蔚蓉 通讯员 黎斌 文 图相关的主题文章: