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15 Apr

Zhang Chao released the "Westward Journey" countdown Palace Banquet feast in cattle – Sohu Zhang Chao entertainment "westward journey 3" decorated bull entertainment news Sohu directed by Jeffrey Lau, Han Geng, Tang Yan, Karen Mok, Zhang Chao, Zhang Yao and other actors starred in the movie "Westward Journey" will be landing in September 14th 3 theaters with the national audience. Zhang Chao in the Ministry of magic in the movie the first challenge love movie "cow devil", he himself is in the micro-blog Amway humor to "9.14, I Niu Fu banquet to buy tickets". In this section with a series of nostalgia "color, most of the characters are enabled by the new cast to interpretation, from the Han Geng version of the Tang Yan version of the joker to Daisy Fay, many viewers have said very much looking forward to. The "big" series has always been to the devil, the appearance, the Zhang Chaolai interpretation of the new monster from giant horn to copper, armor, all people have more expectations before the seemingly dull only brute force he thought Zhang Chao in this, "westward journey 3" in the interpretation of the a darkened devil killer, not wanted in the trailer of the latest exposure of the film side, to a ferocious demon called style mutation, zhizunbao with a box, like "henpecked", let many users a message on this hand was adorable ". Zhang Chao in the filming process, how to define the devil’s character and director Jeffrey Lau discussed many times, showing the final result, we must to release the film in 9.14 to 11 opened. It is reported that Zhang Chao recently in Xiamen Ganpai Guo Jingming novel of the same name of TV drama "summer solstice", the way a black radiographic appearance to let people find everything fresh and new, his new "westward journey 3" also this week officially entered the countdown, Lord Zhang Chao turned to warm up her boyfriend, bring us more surprises on the big screen.   相关的主题文章: