Yue Yunpeng Daoteng native star people open shop to make millions of people lose. e3300

19 Nov

Yue Yunpeng Daoteng native star people open shop to make millions of people lose. The number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Yue Yunpeng, a famous comedian, funny funny guy Yue Yunpeng is currently Puyang Nanle even when the shop owner, monopoly home authentic products: walnut consumption of pepper, chili sauce, beef noodle soup, sauce mix with the steamed bread and delicacy. There is a small Yue Yue shop, selling Henan chili sauce and noodle, printed on the packaging of Yue Yunpeng with a yellow scarf, wearing a blue shirt of the cartoon characters, this is probably the only affordable small shop opened "hey hey leather Yue Yunpeng Star shop turnover of more than 10 thousand a month, the show for so many years zounanchuangbei the page above the contact, a lot of delicacy, but still love the taste of home, I want to put my favorite recommend to my friends, I hope you can think of me when you are hungry, do not say, I have made myself hungry, I eat Jing" and Yue Yunpeng wearing a dress image greets crosstalk. From "Hey Pipi" brand name to a cartoon picture of the product packaging design, always bring joy to the audience with comic Yue Yunpeng also tried to put this spirit of entertainment given its star store, to mobilize the fans and their emotions and chowhound taste buds. Even used to attract the purchase of gifts is also a matter of mind – printed with a small Yue Yue "golden sentence" of the human bookmark. The shop is the main product of beef, cashew nuts and other flavors of chili sauce and our specialty of Henan noodle soup. At present, the top selling product is Saute of Beef with Hot Pepper flavored soup noodle, 12876. With the high popularity and good audience, Yue Yunpeng’s shop opened just over a month, the turnover of nearly 50 thousand single, only a noodle sold more than 12 thousand copies. At present, the small Yue Yue fan economic effect is quite strong. Yue Yunpeng in Sina micro-blog released hi hi leather business has now been forwarded more than 2000 times, nearly 8000 comments, the number is even more than the number of points praise. As of now, Taobao star store data show that within 30 days of successful trading about more than 30 thousand different flavors of noodle box, different flavors of about more than 20 thousand bottles of chili sauce, the commodity price of 19 yuan per piece. In other words, this newly opened shop monthly turnover of nearly one million. This performance is quite prominent in Taobao star shop. From the user comments, small Yue Yue love powder came accounted for the vast majority of. The comments are such remarks: "small Yue Yue shop, so you must visit", "small Yue Yue see micro-blog link here". There is a micro-blog user comments: small Yue Yue to sell things, all stars, I can afford only. To some extent, it explains the reasons for the high sales of "hey hey skin". In fact, most of the stars may be because they do not want to, usually too busy to take care of the work, the business is not ideal. Run inside a man known as the small cheetah Zheng Kai, while running while the heat opened his shop, small series open today.. Looks like I haven’t done it for a long time. The same is Chen, the highest sales of knitted pants, Bao Beier相关的主题文章: