Youth sail plan to enter the domestic

17 Apr

Youth sail plan business mentor group into the first domestic university mentors, fast comics founder & CEO, well-known comics author Chen Anni shared how entrepreneurial story entrepreneurship in the absence of professional team, no social experience, no business experience, not forming products under the condition of sustainable development, find the path of entrepreneurship, to solve the difficult problem of financing at the beginning do poineering work? How to avoid venture capital venture? The afternoon of November 8th, by the Chinese children’s foundation, the Ministry of Education Management Information Center, Renmin University of China, China Investment Association, Zhaopin and Huang Xiaoming studios jointly launched the "youth entrepreneurship sail plan — a large public employment project" entrepreneurship college speaking tour activities officially started at the Renmin University of China. First, look at the comic business mentor founder & CEO, well-known comics author Chen Anni into the Renmin University of China, sharing entrepreneurial story and history and analysis of college students, entrepreneurial success and experience, encourage students to develop entrepreneurial thinking, strong entrepreneurial dreams, steady steadily towards success. Renmin University of China Business School executive vice president Chen Yao teacher for college students entrepreneurship guidance event, Chinese children’s foundation to look at the comics founder & CEO, well-known comics author Chen Anni awarded the "youth entrepreneurship sail plan" honorary title, in the subsequent share links, Chen Anni shared her how to determine the entrepreneurial orientation in University during the period, how to explore and determine the China go original comic content collection platform for the sustainable development of the entrepreneurial road, the history of her own in the entrepreneurial process declare in no uncertain terms was received a heavy blow hard and tough, and remind students may encounter in the process of venture. The dialogue process, the site of college students and online users also have the students how to choose the venture industry, how to realize the transition period, how to choose entrepreneurial burnout and acceptance of risk investment in-depth exchanges and business mentor. Finally, as one of the organizers, but also for students who have entrepreneurial ideas to give professional guidance, encourage everyone to make full preparations, rational entrepreneurship. According to reports, the "youth entrepreneurship sail plan — a large public employment project" is a balance between the national welfare program for college students employment and entrepreneurship double support, the project started since March 2016, has been implemented in 259 universities in Sichuan, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanxi, Henan, Hubei, Shaanxi, Jiangxi Province 8 floor individual employment ability evaluation and guidance for 459 thousand college students through the project to enjoy, accurate position information docking services. The youth sail plan business mentor tour will invite domestic cutting-edge entrepreneurs representatives, representatives of successful entrepreneurs into the University, let the students close contact with successful entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial deeds encourage college students to use the entrepreneur entrepreneurial dreams, from the perspective of how to inspire students to make the best use of its professional expertise, resources one out of their own entrepreneurial path, at the same time, through the youth employment and entrepreneurship teachers personally set sail, called for more public attention, care and support for college students successfully completed the transition from school to society’s key.相关的主题文章: