Yiyang man lied to apply for public rental fraud 370 thousand yuan detention-haywire

03 May

Yiyang man lied to apply for public housing fraud 370 thousand yuan penalty [Abstract] Yiyang man text lied inside someone, money can help people quickly apply for public rental housing, 42 people have been defrauding 37 yuan, has been criminal detention. After the text of a wife in a similar scam, he simply follow the debt fraud > > original title: "help" to apply for public rental 370 thousand yuan fraud arrested – Heshan police uncovered a major fraud "as long as the money, you can apply for public rental housing". The man lied inside someone can apply for public rental housing, fraud has been a temperature of 42 people, more than 37 yuan. Recently, Heshan police cracked series case for others to handle public rental fraud. Suspect Wen, 35 years old, Taojiang County pine pond town, began in 2014 in Yiyang city contract floor tile decoration work, but business has been no improvement. During the period, the text of a wife deceived by others, a number of friends and relatives were to be able to apply for public rental housing on the grounds, cheated more than 10 yuan in cash. Deception caused by a wife’s matchmaking, the loss can only be borne by a text, the family economy immediately make ends meet. In order to repay the debt as soon as possible, Wen feels that it is better to imitate others’ fraud to get money quickly. Then lied inside someone, can help people quickly apply for public rental housing in Yiyang City, but need to pay 8000 yuan to 10 thousand yuan ranging from money to go. In August 2014, Wen can apply for public rental housing information spread in the circle of friends, many friends believe, and gradually pay money to find a text to help. Wen took money, pretending to bring them to account, identity cards, marriage certificate and other copies, that is to help them on behalf of the formalities, and take them to a residential showings, promised a few months to launch, in order to further access to other people’s trust. In January 2015, the text of a similar trick, cheat the temperature of a trust, by the temperature of a charged 31 yuan entrusted loans from the hands of Yue Moubing 35 people together to go to the text of a relationship. After getting the money, in addition to the return of part of the debt, the rest of the stolen money all squandered. The temperature of a public rental housing has not found out many telephone inquiries a text, a text can always evasive, repeatedly prevarication. But over time, the paper not only did not answer, the phone also shut down lost, realized cheated a people choose to report to the public security organs. Heshan Public Security Bureau police brigade case, police dispatched by investigation, found the whereabouts of A. In August 17th, police in the central city of a hotel will be the one arrested for questioning. After interrogation, the text of the crime of fraud for others to implement public rental housing confessed. At present, the criminal suspect has been under criminal detention in accordance with the law, and the case is under further investigation.

益阳男子谎称能申请公租房 诈骗37万元被刑拘 [摘要]益阳男子文某谎称内部有人,交钱就能帮人快速申请公租房,先后诈骗42人37万余元,已被刑拘。此前文某妻子也陷类似骗局,为还债他索性效仿诈骗>>原标题:“帮忙”申请公租房诈骗37万元被抓——赫山警方破获一起重大诈骗案“只要交钱,就能申请公租房”。男子文某谎称自己内部有人能申请到公租房,先后诈骗温某等42人37万余元。近日,赫山警方破获一起为他人办理公租房实施诈骗的系列案。嫌疑人文某,35岁,桃江县松木塘镇人,2014年开始在益阳城区承揽地板砖装修工作,但业务一直不见起色。期间,文某妻子受人蒙骗,多名亲友被人以能申请到公租房为由,骗走10余万元现金。被骗之事因文某妻子牵线搭桥所致,损失只能由文某一家承担,家庭经济顿时入不敷出。为尽快偿还债务,文某觉得不如仿效他人诈骗来钱快。便谎称自己内部有人,能帮人快速申请益阳城区公租房,但需交纳8000元到1万元不等的钱走关系。2014年8月,文某能申请到公租房的消息在朋友圈中传开后,众多朋友信以为真,陆续交钱找文某帮忙。文某拿钱后,装模作样让他们拿来户口本、身份证、结婚证等复印件,说是帮他们代为办理手续,并带他们到某小区看房,承诺几个月就能交房,以进一步获取他人信任。2015年1月,文某采取类似伎俩,骗取了温某的信任后,由温某从岳某兵等35人手中收取委托款31万余元一并交给文某走关系。文拿到钱后,除归还部分债务外,其余赃款全部挥霍一空。温某等人发现公租房迟迟未到手,多次电话询问文某,可文某总是闪烁其词,再三推诿。但时间一过,文某不但没有回话,电话也关机失联,意识到受骗的温某等人选择到公安机关报案。赫山公安分局治安大队受案后,办案民警通过布控侦查,发现了文某的行踪。8月17日,民警在中心城区一宾馆将文某抓获到案。经审讯,文某对为他人办理公租房实施诈骗的犯罪事实供认不讳。目前,犯罪嫌疑人文某已被依法刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审理之中。相关的主题文章: