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17 Apr

Yantai " sweet potato mother " a birth 45 small potato gene mutation in Environmental Science and technology work yesterday, Mr. Jiang told reporters call the 96110 hotline jellyfish network annunciation. "This spring in the hospital will be a 6.3 kilogram big Sweet Potato Planted in the ground, output 45 small sweet potato, the total weight of 19 kilograms, it is a big harvest." Mr. Jiang is full of joy. Reporters then came to Mr. Jiang working place, see its weight up to 6.3 kg of "sweet potato mother", in the "sweet potato Mom" around the uneven size of small sweet potatoes, a total of 45, these sweet potatoes gratifying, pink skin and white flesh, especially spectacular scenes. Mr. Jiang told reporters with a smile: "6.3 kilogram" sweet potato Mom "last year from the company courtyard garden to dig out, is also the star of the sweet potato, an evening last year. I am not willing to eat their own, and in the spring of this year, the flower beds, which know the output of 45 small sweet potato, it is harvest." Mr. Jiang face smile. The reporter learned from Mr. Jiang, "sweet mother" varieties was 138, the varieties of high sugar content, sweet potato is soft and sticky degree, common varieties on the market roast. According to agriculture experts, ordinary sweet potatoes generally two or three pound, but grow very large sweet potatoes occasionally encounter, like "sweet mother" output 45 small sweet potato is not common phenomenon. Now the cultivation technology of fertilizer feeding plus factors will lead to the sweet potato is relatively large, high yield. The company does not use chemical fertilizers for sweet potato, is planting a more traditional way, agricultural experts consider is caused by genetic mutation, but this mutation is not harmful to the human body, can be safe to eat. This "sweet mother" round, even larger than the safety helmet, deep ravines, looks like a mouth laughing and wrinkled old face, surrounded by 45 small sweet potato is like a big family. Source: jellyfish network相关的主题文章: