Xunyang issued a document to the governance of rural lavish funerals-aquaria

17 Apr

Xunyang issued a document to the governance of rural funerals lavish "ceremony" is one of the traditional Chinese culture, for thousands of years, through continuous evolution and advancement, has penetrated into Chinese emotional life, become one of the important ways in communication, promote feelings. However, in the vast rural areas, "ceremony" of the good intention and positive significance has serious variation, especially the "lavish weddings and funerals", human elements increase, a multitude of names, vicious spiral, caused a heavy burden to the production and life of the masses. This is inconsistent with the "traditional virtues of frugality", and also contrary to modern civilization, but do not meet the original intention of human exchanges, the people suffered, to the extent not dead. The desire from people’s expectations of a positive response to public opinion, formulated the "rural reform work to promote Xunyang county implementation plan", aims to top-level design, positive guidance, on the current problems of the masses "and" lavish treatment, the heavy debt burdens, to let people put down the burden recovery, traveling light, healthy and reasonable way of interpersonal communication, create a more civilized rural wind, happier life. It is worth noting that, "and" lavish "human elements, a multitude of names, there are complicated factors and profound social foundation. The people are the victims, but also regulate the improvement of the subject, only actively play the main role of people in self education and self management, can we effectively stopped human elements. Unhealthy. The people should be guided by the Party committee and government regulation, give full play to the role of villagers’ autonomy, by means of the village rules, moral evaluation effective, positive actions, not to stay out of the Party committee and government guidance into the conscious action of the masses, in order to fundamentally get rid of all kinds of unhealthy tendencies. To curb lavish funerals, promote rural reform work related to long-term, popular will, just as a positive, there will be success. My county Shibangou, Jinpen village pilot, and achieved remarkable results, the masses support very much praise. I hope the other village, community, in accordance with the documentation requirements, and actively learn from the successful experience, by changing the benefit of the masses. Xunyang county rural reform implementation plan to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, conscientiously implement the province’s rural migrants Yi working conference spirit, to effectively curb the outdated customs and bad habits and unhealthy practices, continued to create a good social atmosphere for the better, formulated as follows: first, focus on implementation scheme for solving the rural (community) are common comparisons of luxury, dishonesty, superstition, selfish unfilial wrapped around downtown spoof and bad social atmosphere, county Party committee decided to punish "lavish weddings and marriage" as the breakthrough of rural customs work, insist on positive guidance and construction, develop the mass consciousness principle, use "," village moral evaluation methods, and actively promote the new office wedding Jane, do the funeral, opposed blindly, create a civilized rural wind, the masses of the human burden reduction Down, put the rural fresh healthy tree, in order to promote the construction of socialist core values of air plant. Two, promoting measures (1 day相关的主题文章: