Xiaolong 653+6gb memory vivo x9 confirmed with double – Sohu digital camera bleep

17 Nov

Xiaolong 653+6GB memory vivo X9 confirmed with double photo – Sohu [IT168] had heard of digital information vivo will launch X9 series of new machines in the next month, and will be the first use of pre dual camera design news. And now, this seems to be confirmed. The day before, because the vivo insiders in the release of micro-blog in the first "double front photo vivo X9" tail, so also means that this new machine is with double lens design, at the same time, friends broke the news that the X9 series will be vivo equipped Xiaolong 653 processor, 6GB ram and IMX362 sensor new. Even the big screen version of the vivo X9 Plus is both before and after the double camera, first pioneered the mobile phone equipped with four lens. Confirmed that the recent double shot X9 series of news about the vivo was fired hot, allegedly the first time it may be equipped with dual cameras. And now, this argument has finally been confirmed, according to the vivo Product Manager @vivo released the micro-blog tail, the insiders are using a dual camera vivo phone. Although the micro-blog was quickly deleted, but also considered the first time confirmed that vivo X9 will use the front of the dual camera rumors. Prior to this, there is said to be vivo shopping guide users released micro-blog said, vivo X9 dual flash flash artifact will be officially released in November 17th in Beijing 798. At the same time, there are also netizens on micro-blog "vivo X9 will be given double camera strikes, camera flash shooting artifact and you do not have a (play)" this slogan, it is concluded that the vivo X9 distance we have is getting closer, and also used for the first time in front of two cameras in the vivo family. With two cameras but this is not the vivo X9 series is the most powerful place. According to friends broke the news on micro-blog said, vivo X9 series will launch two models, including the small screen version of the rear dual camera, while the large screen version will be a front camera design. So if the rumors come true, then it means that vivo will be the first time for the introduction of the new four camera design, which is undoubtedly the first time in the industry. Of course, the authenticity of this argument has yet to be confirmed, after all, vivo product manager micro-blog tail appeared in the vivo X9 for the front dual cameras, rather than the legendary rear dual camera. In addition, some netizens said in micro-blog, vivo X9 will be equipped with 653 Xiaolong processor and has 6GB of memory, and will use the new SONY IMX362 sensor, but this processor is allegedly Samsung exclusive IMX260 public version, both will be what kind of difference there is no specific information. According to the November 17th release of users @ technology exposure to a suspected Jiuzhou Jun and internal staff chat screenshots, vivo X9 seems to be really using the twin front lens design, but also on the back of the main camera and using the SONY IMX260 sensor L.相关的主题文章: