Wuhan new energy vehicles up to 14639 social car purchase more than 60%-chompoo araya

17 Apr

Wuhan new energy vehicles up to 14639 social car buying more than 60% new energy vehicles in Wuhan next year is expected to reach up to 18000. The day before, the Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau relevant responsible person said, as of the end of the month, a total of Wuhan to promote the application of new energy vehicles 14639, built 3353 charging pile. Currently, the promotion of new energy vehicles in the field of public transport, including rental, public service, sanitation, logistics, transportation and social car buying seven areas, including the largest proportion of social car, up to more than 9 thousand. Why private purchase of new energy vehicles accounted for? The relevant expert analysis, mainly is the new energy vehicle mileage and the maximum speed is gradually increasing, the use cost is lower than the traditional fuel vehicles, businesses launched rental outlets mode to stimulate consumer desire to buy. In addition, Car Buying subsidies, are exempt from purchase tax, no limit line restriction, free road tunnel fees and other preferential policies to attract private users to buy new energy vehicles. Recently, the charging interface standard and the acceleration of the charging pile layout, but also for private use of new energy vehicles to provide convenience. Wuhan science and Technology Bureau, the relevant person in charge, next year’s new energy electric vehicle plans to add 3000, will explore the charging pile business model, as well as the electric vehicle time-sharing leasing model. It is understood that Wuhan has become one of the country’s four new energy vehicles timeshare demonstration pilot cities, will achieve a time-sharing lease operations of the 3000 electric vehicles.相关的主题文章: