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15 Apr

Wu Xin to join Zheng Kai hop turned romantic pas de deux dancer in the dark – Sohu Sohu Wu Xin entertainment entertainment news this Saturday night, "my new clothes" Ninth "Winter Sonata" theme show, guests will present a warm sense of winter clothing lovers on stage, have been challenging since I was invited to the Wu Xin period the excellent performance in the "left ear" in the "little meat Zheng Kai back, two people wear luminous clothing high-tech" dancer in the dark ", but also brought a beautiful scene of beautiful dance! The Wu Xin Jay Chou film "choice" to interpret the interaction between Tiantai lover, the stage has become the protagonist of the film living in warm small rooftop, Wu Xin and Zheng Kai became one in Jay Chou’s sweet song, Wu Xin and Zheng Kai seem to have turned into a couple of small, the roof is also as they love fermentation, two hand in hand walked down from the roof height, the feelings of heat in the interaction. When the lights go down, high-tech luminous clothing Wu Xin and Zheng Kai on the body put on it in the dark to light, so the beautiful night also let the audience exclaimed, while Wu Xin and Zheng Kai incarnation "dancer in the dark", continue to dance in the dark, with two people to see two people dancing clothing stars only in the dark, then the stage lights and bright, and the interaction between the two more intimate, down, staring, embracing, lifts, the original Wu Xin dance is also good! Dress and dance complement each other. The whole performance, the whole audience even standing cheers, Bayashi Miya said the two men with too good, or even require them to perform again back-to-back action, and designer Liu Sicong also revealed on the stage, clothing can shine, is because of the use of the met Gala topic for "the same luminous fabric skirt", high technology content and cloth abnormal beautiful, coupled with Wu Xin’s performance is simply perfect! Wu Xin has been sought in the "new clothes" on the stage of breakthrough, this period challenges she is not good at dancing, with high-tech luminous clothes plus Wu Xin performance, buyers will bid? Please watch this Saturday at ten p.m. Eastern TV broadcast of "my new clothes".相关的主题文章: