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15 Apr

Wu Song Concert Yang Yuying Sisi Chen played zero pay this time flow for 50 years — Wu Song original classics stars concert Huaxi Dushi Bao (client reporter Du Enhu) 90 for many fans, the name of Wu Song [micro-blog] many people may not be familiar with, but you must have heard his songs, must know his training disciples Yang Yuying, Sisi Chen singer [micro-blog] Xiao Zeng, Huang Weilin, and other famous singers, and KTV in the heat "army green flower" sing songs, "Dasan love song", "Baqiao", "Liu girl’s mind you don’t guess," "little pat" and other classic songs, from Wu Song hand. In September 24th, when the Beijing autumn season, WCC reporter learned from the Beijing: tonight, Wu Songjin in Beijing in twenty-first Century will be held in this theater, "flow 50 years of Wu Song original classics stars concert". It is reported that Yang Yuying, Sisi Chen, and so on, Mr. Song, Mr. Song, many of the students will be full debut, zero reward starring in the. Wu Songjin’s friend Yang Hongji singer [micro-blog], Guan Mucun and other old artists, xuriyanggang, Zhang Mi [micro-blog], Zhaxi Dunzhu [micro-blog], Ulam Tu Ya and other popular stars and Yu Wenhua [micro-blog] Linda Wong, Wu Yanning, Huang Xunguo and other famous singer, good brother and other foreign singers sing the Wuzhou Avenue combination Championship seasons combined Bel and, Chinese hits songs first small bud combination…… We bring together small four generation’s most charismatic pop stars will debut on the same stage singing friendship, Wu Song Lyrics representative works. Wu Songjin is 70 years old this year. The national level is a veteran music producer, songwriter, senior music editor. Jiangxi, Nanchang, born in 1946 at the foot of Mount Lu in Jiujiang, Lanzhou, Yinchuan, Chengdu spent his childhood, graduated from the Department of music, Shanghai Conservatory Of Music. He served in the Jiangxi Music Association Journal "," song "heart heart word newspaper" deputy editor, the China record Guangzhou company senior editor, Song Music Studio Art director. Wu Songjin is engaged in professional music creation for 50 years, and more than 200 more than the first amphibious, and won the award, widely sung. He has been invited to Peng Liyuan, Dong Wenhua, Zhu Fengbo, Li Guyi, Zhang, Yu Shuzhen, Yang Yuying, Sisi Chen, Zhou Liang, Xiao Zeng, Li Lingyu, Jeffrey Chen and other hundreds of singers, red star wrote thousands of songs first recording tape. Such as "wind feelings of water," smile "," Dasan love song "girl", "mind you don’t guess you have snow there", "love", "my brother go to the south of the old monitor", "green flower", "Baqiao army Liu" rice "pick up girl", "little hands pat" etc.. Wu Songjin is known as a star singer, Bole master, training package of popular singer Yang Yuying, Sisi Chen, Zhou Liang, Huang Weilin (Macao), Zhu Hanfang, Yang Yangjinbiao, Xiao Zeng, veteran folk group camp, Qin Tian, Yang Liu, Ren, Xu Jiahao sounds more than ten people. At noon on September 29th, Huaxi city reporter Yang Yuying broker Mr. Yao, Yang Yuying talked about zero appearance fees for Wu Song today to join the concert, Mr. Yao said: "Yang Yuying as Wu Song students, always respected teacher, the teacher’s kindness)相关的主题文章: