World Cup – Omar Xian two assists UAE 3-1 Lectra Thailand sports Sohu – home court rainism

14 Nov

World Cup – Omar offered two assists in a 3-1 win over Thailand United Arab Emirates Home Court – Sohu sports Beijing on October 7th morning, in 2018 Russia World Cup qualifying match in third stages and 12 match B group to start the third round of competition. In the home court Abu Zabi Mohamed bin Zayed stadium in the United Arab Emirates team with star Omar’s excellent play 3-1 victory over the Thailand team, Omar two times directly assists, and a clever horse cloth instigated, Holt scored two; Thailand team veteran Tcha Na Butt came off the bench 47 seconds into a ball. Three rounds of Harding Park, the UAE team accumulated 6 points, the Thailand team has three battles negative bottom panel. The previous 7 games the team of the United Arab Emirates only lost to the Thailand team 1 times, only once lost is the 2006 Germany World Cup qualifying match, the Thailand team in the home court is to score 3-0 victory, although they did not win at Emirates team so far. The team of the United Arab Emirates, "Messi bay" Omar still will see the first. Fourteenth minutes, Omar right rib heel knock, Faweiqi on the right pass, before the outflanking Saleh didn’t seem to kick the ball, the ball from the Thailand goalkeeper, who flew over the South’s poor, standing on the horse cloth after Holt points with the body to block the ball into the net. The Thailand team players to China Hongkong referee Liao Guowen Holt said the horse cloth in an offside position, but the referee maintain effective penalty goal. Twenty-sixth minutes, Omar again instigated offensive, Sanquel left the bottom line in the prequel, unmarked frontier horse cloth header Holt small restricted Leipzig ball hit the crossbar, Saleh is not the top top miss. Subsequently, in Omar’s schedule, the UAE team also completed the two shot is also a threat. Moyes, Tristan bad block tipped Omar booked. The first half of the game, the United Arab Emirates 1-0 leading Thailand team into halftime. At the beginning of the second half, the Thailand team conducted a personnel adjustment on the defensive, but after they throw a ball. The second half of the opening 74 seconds, Omar sent a note on the left side of midfield extremely accurate ball, form a single horse cloth Holt plug, reached the area after 15 meters near the right foot hit the corner to break the plum to open two degrees, the UAE team leading 2-0. Subsequently, the Thailand team to continue to strengthen the strike force by substitution. Fifty-seventh minutes, Tariq – Ahmad Salem back ball shot, Tam SA poor had closed the ball out of the bottom line on the South side. Then, Salem left the restricted area pass, hit the chutong arm, but the referee signaled the game continues to not handball. Fifty-ninth minutes, Tariq – Ahmad tactical foul not only hurt themselves to eat yellow card. After the two teams have made substitutions adjustment, and can be described as Thailand’s immediate effect. Sixty-fifth minutes, just off the bench for 47 seconds of veteran Tcha Na Butt, in the song krasina sent Zhise left rib cage ball, from the outside fast on the single form, the ball reached the area after the trip on the left side 8 meters left Tui far corner succeeded to help the Thailand team pulled a ball. After the poor Nabute opportunity by positioning the ball before the ball after the header rub, from left side across the column. Eighty-second minutes, Tcha Na Butt will shoot back teammates on a post ball hit into the net, though相关的主题文章: