Workers are expected to take paid leave to take care of their parents in the end of the day to be in-candy candy

15 Apr

The staff is expected to be paid leave to take care of dying parents to be included in the new Medicare home health care network – in the city is expected to achieve the workers paid leave personally take care of seriously ill or even dying parents; community hospitals to provide on-site service for the elderly, to be included in the Medicare reimbursement; canteens should be open to the surrounding community elderly, the elderly and the nearest implementation of nutrition meal; encourage children and the elderly living in a community. Beijing municipal government "on the implementation of the" Beijing City home-based care services Ordinance implementation opinions "issued yesterday, according to the opinions, and strive to Beijing city in 3 years to 5 years, the basic completion of home-based care services system with the characteristics of the capital, with the nearest convenience, safety and high quality and reasonable price of home-based care services for the elderly; covers both urban and rural areas of community home-based care services network, home-based care services infrastructure is complete; the basic completion of basic medical and health service network covering both urban and rural areas all the home of the elderly, the elderly can accept the nearest treatment, medication, nursing care and rehabilitation services; nursing staff has reached 20 thousand people. Key words: maintenance, care for the elderly, paid vacation, government support, family responsibility. The city will be through economic subsidies, service support and skills training to help family members bear the responsibility to support and care. "Economic difficulties children home care nursing home subsidy policy is working on; improve the workers paid leave system, convenient for children rehabilitation in elderly patients, hospice care for the elderly and other special period directly. Nursing homes, care centers, community service station can provide short-term care services for the elderly. Keywords old fitness pilot the elderly and children choose synchronous low-income housing affordable housing allocation policy perfect management pilot, the elderly and their children living nearby, to achieve synchronization room, take care. Support conditional old multi-storey residential elevator installation. Study the introduction of family bath, toilet and other suitable aging transformation standard, financing by the government free of charge to meet the conditions of the economic difficulties the elderly family "aging" transformation, with basic old fitness devices. Key words: nursing home care to be included in the Medicare reimbursement norms for the elderly to provide medical and nursing services, will meet the prescribed medical expenses included in the scope of Medicare payment. Actively promote the signing of the family doctor services for the elderly to establish health records. To foster the care service system for the disabled elderly, and to establish the economic difficulties of the disabled elderly and the ability to care for the service subsidy system. Haidian District, Shijingshan District as a pilot to explore a variety of models of long-term care insurance, and timely promotion. Keywords subsidies to help the elderly meal service is expected to cover through the endowment care centers, community service station to provide services to help meal area elderly, guide the unit cafeteria open to the surrounding community elderly, the introduction of professional catering enterprises to establish a centralized catering centre area, realize the elderly people nearby dining, dining target nutrition. To take the government to purchase services, the establishment of special difficulties elderly meal service subsidy system. – immediately visit within 24 hours to build the family bed at a press conference yesterday after human social red相关的主题文章: