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16 Apr

Word elder brother! Phoenix TV that Huang Haibo…… today introduced the pal, called Huang Haibo. The Huang Haibo actor Huang Haibo, he is the Phoenix deputy director, director, editor in chief Chinese Taiwan movie station (heard only to take a salary Oh ~). He is from Beijing, graduated from the Department of foreign languages, "we Guangyuan" International Journalism in Japan, Waseda University Graduate School of film specialty training, also took Hong Kong University Science & Technology mba. He is proficient in Chinese, English and Japanese, in the nearly 30 years of experience in the media industry, participate in the highly acclaimed N program planning and production, such as the "polar Tour", "Chinatown", "the Korean tour"…… had traveled all over the world nearly 60 countries and regions, observation, walking record, writing, thinking, (and fun)…… when you see the sea wearing a black linen shirt, he knows he is not just back on the road to participate in the activities of the activities is the end. This is the "black sea battle dress, whether dressed casually, as long as the cover on it, suddenly a chic and elegant" artistic "near the body. "Artist breath" side leakage "artist breath" should be inherited. Hyperion is low-key, never take "home" to flaunt their own small, so the main hall only dare to quietly give a hint: Huang four and the famous "". Although born in a family of artists, but then claimed to be "pestle position", a shy, high school stage rehearsal crosstalk, legs trembled, only dry hard to remember her lines, and from the "actor" road of resplendent with variegated coloration lopsided. During the period of University, he is determined to liberate nature, he and two classmates in the band, "Guangyuan spring" singer contest, playing the guitar, sing a song "Sealed With A Kiss" with the standard accent, suddenly gain massive girls. (his face a cappella " Though we gonna say; goodbye, for the summer…." small main hall second variable fans sister) in 2000 by the Taiwan Phoenix origin, making a documentary series "peer century — Zhang Xueliang" in the Phoenix TV broadcast, that familiar with the historical facts to show different from the Perspective of culture, have had no small impact on Huang Haibo. "We must admit that Phoenix is the most engaged in political news and documentary industry yearning place." Something that stays in your mind will someday spring up in your life. May 2002, Hyperion and "journey" two crew members meet in near the North pole. Huang Haibo: I have to wait until the opportunity, CCTV and Phoenix in the "polar journey", then I will understand the film as English talent was sent to the ad hoc group of CCTV ", about a year before shooting and editing, and I am a Phoenix, a chunxindangyang, make eyes at a man, so everything was all natural. Remember in the "journey" of the two poles of the party, Liu Changle and his family members in front of the boss and we shook hands, I stopped here to say: "you then know foreign languages?" I said: "I was born in English, happened to go to Japan to learn japanese." Boss.相关的主题文章: