Women pay 500 thousand yuan to buy a house after the house was not known for about 6 years-whereisip

15 Apr

Women pay 500 thousand yuan Chengyijin to buy a house for 6 years after the house was not built the original title: Women’s 500 thousand yuan "Chengyijin" Hainan buy 6 years before the house was not built after the winter, Hainan Island still warm as spring. Many Northerners think of Hainan to buy a house when migratory birds, Mei Mei is one of Heilongjiang, however, she bought a house after the "sincerity", not only did not buy the house, but also lost the "interest" interest. In December 2009, Ms. Mei and Haikou District of Longhua City, a garden residential developers signed a "Haikou City Park District special room reservation book", and was paid 500 thousand yuan Chengyijin ", the two sides agreed: Ms. Mei made a garden in Longhua District of Haikou City, No. 3 building 12 room 1202 first the Housing Authority, Ms. Mei to push the sale of the housing developers in all subscription procedures. By 2015, Ms. Mei waited for 6 years, or did not wait for the notification procedures for housing developers. Mei asked to know, the original sale of the building was not completed due to various reasons. A garden residential developers in Longhua District of Haikou City, Ms. Mei then sued the Haikou city Longhua District People’s court, the two sides signed the "request for cancellation of a Haikou City Park District special room reservation book", developers refund 500 thousand yuan and pay "Chengyijin" since December 2009 to December 2015 "Chengyijin" loss of interest (approximately 130500 yuan). Recently, Longhua district court verdict, the plaintiff and the defendant released Ms. Mei of Haikou city Longhua district a garden residential developers in December 16, 2009 signed the "Haikou City Park District special room reservation book"; Longhua District of Haikou city park district the defendant to the plaintiff Ms. Mei developers refund the purchase of "Chengyijin" and 500 thousand yuan the payment of interest (calculation method: interest at 500 thousand yuan for the principal, according to the people’s Bank of Chinese over the one-year lending rate, since November 3, 2015 to calculate the date of the judgment performance limit). Lawyer: Chengyijin, deposit difference on the case, the reporter interviewed Hainan Chen lawyer Zhang Tingwei, he said, the so-called "purchase Chengyijin" is a marketing tool developers, at the same time to collect "purchase Chengyijin", the buyers promised preferential access to housing or enthusiasm priority purchase qualifications to stimulate buyers, not as a contract of guarantee deposit, the general constraints on developers less, there are certain legal risks. Zhang Tingwei reminded the majority of property buyers in the purchase, see the contract provisions, as far as possible to require the seller to write down, so that when the other party can not perform the contract, the return can be doubled. After the signing of the contract, found to be unable to discharge the case should be written in the form of the right to claim to the developer, in the view of the expiry date of the limit, from the date of the request to repay interest. Source: South China Sea network editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: