” wisdom ranch ” change the pastoral life of mobile phone grazing sheep do not lose jiuyaogan

17 Nov

" wisdom ranch " change of pastoral life: mobile phone   also lost sheep grazing; do not increase –IT– people.com.cn original title: mobile phone is not lost sheep also increase (experience) Pei Xiaofei (left) is installed locator for the sheep. Pei Xiaofei can use the phone to grasp the day of the sheep walking mileage and route. After installing the locator, Pei Xiaofei drove the sheep out of the circle. In the evening, the sheep circle time, open the mobile phone WeChat, enter the electronic fence system, real-time location, Inner Mongolia Xilinguole Meng, the sheep herder Pei Xiaofei day walking distance, the real-time information is displayed in the herd path on a mobile phone. According to the location of the sheep on the electronic map information, Pei Xiaofei went straight to the location of the sheep on the motorcycle, about 10 minutes to find the sheep. Every morning the sheep out of the ring, again in the evening back to the flock, Pei Xiaofei since last year, with the use of the flock satellite tracking system, save a lot of time. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is the comprehensive reform of rural and pastoral demonstration pilot, through the implementation of "wisdom Ranch" project, changed the mode of production and the herdsmen grazing sheep, mobile satellite positioning is just one aspect of the. Networking model automation monitor technology based on grassland farming, including monitoring terminal platform, meteorological unit, fan unit, feeding unit, monitoring unit and shed signs GPS mobile positioning, wireless network systems and other functional devices. "In addition to the sheep back to the ring, all the work can complete the other mobile phone use!" Pei Xiaofei opened the computer, every sheep have a number and ear tag ID the same, with the corresponding pictures from lambing to slaughter sheep, growth can be full traceability query. Around the housing, fold and pasture conditions can be monitored in real time using video, the system can also be on the pasture temperature, humidity and ammonia and water quality monitoring and early warning indicators, the total platform can control the housing illumination system, water tank, automatic door switch housing flock, GPS positioning and grassland surrounding environment monitoring. Agriculture and animal husbandry, comprehensive reform office director Long Yunpeng introduced previously, positioning system can only provide the trajectory of sheep. In 2016, on the basis of the former system, and draw the electronic map for grassland nomads, household grassland nomads clear boundary. Only in the sheep’s neck sleeve locator, sheep activities in the pasture, the position at a glance. The construction of this system is intended to provide the basic data for the traceability of mutton sheep are grazing, that growth under natural conditions, our ultimate goal is through traceability system, realize the mutton quality, thereby increasing the income of herdsmen." "Last year, the mutton traceability price should be higher than the market price of 3 yuan per kilogram, 2, my sheep slaughter more than and 400, an increase of about 10 thousand yuan of income." Pei Xiaofei thumbs up, off the reel breakdown of the benefits of grazing high-tech, "in the past, every year I hire long-term shepherd’s fee is 50 thousand yuan, now with this system, greatly saves manpower. Don’t hire under the expenditure of all converted into net income, this is unthinkable in the past." (commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: