Why the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan suffered terrorist attacks-poper

15 Apr

China Embassy in Kyrgyzstan is suffered a "terrorist attack" ceramic short commentary authors China must continue to unswervingly strengthen the international anti-terrorism cooperation, which is not only fulfill the international obligations of members, but also in the maintenance of its own interests and security. On the morning of August 30th, a suicide car bomb attack on the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, the capital of Bishkek. According to Kyrgyzstan’s Deputy Prime Minister La Zhakov and the information disclosed by the local police, the perpetrators living in central Kyrgyzstan – the eastern region, the incident when he was driving a MITSUBISHI Delica car, broke into the embassy gate after the explosion at the embassy compound, about 160 feet from the door, who died on the spot. The first news that injured 5 people, but La Zhakov said the 3 embassy staff were injured, were two 17 year old gardener and 1 women are from Kyrgyzstan. The incident was characterized as Kyrgyzstan official terrorist attacks, the purpose is likely to be revenge and destruction. The so-called retaliation, because the government of Kyrgyzstan to combat domestic terrorist, extremist, fundamentalist forces active. The five Central Asian countries all belong to a country with a high degree of secularization. But because of not far from Afghanistan, and "Golden Crescent" drugs with drug delivery from passage through the network of information dissemination, plus the same convenient to the spread of extremist ideology provides favorable conditions, the rise in recent years in the country, some of the more remote and poor areas of extreme thoughts. The first is the "Taliban", then "the base", and now the Islamic state and other international terrorist organizations in Kyrgyzstan to recruit, will be the "brainwashing" the people of Kyrgyzstan to the rest of the world "Jihad battlefield" to serve as cannon fodder. At the same time, as the hub of the Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan (in fact, including the whole of Central Asia has become the six), cross-border extremist terrorist organizations, the army summoned poly grass channel. In view of this, the government of Kyrgyzstan, the police actively fight against terrorist forces. This year, only a number of arrests were arrested and the Islamic state and other foreign terrorist organizations colluded with local extremists, smashing a number of terrorist attacks plot. In this regard, terrorist organizations and their friends will certainly seek revenge. The so-called failure, because August 31st is Kyrgyzstan’s independence day, this year is the 25 anniversary of independence of the whole day, choose to launch Dutch act bomber on Independence Day eve, the target is so sensitive (China embassy adjacent to the U.S. Embassy, after the incident also were evacuated), with the intention of completely bared there and then. Although the attack damage and casualties, but the perpetrators use the "base" and "Islamic state" and other international terrorist forces used car Dutch act in Central Asia had not seen, that attacks are likely to have the international background directly or indirectly. If allowed, extreme terrorist forces to take root in the local, there will be an international terrorist forces and manpower and international drug gangs and a "security door", and pose a serious threat to the safety of the surrounding countries. Although the Kyrgyzstan authorities are determined to fight terrorism, terrorist groups or drug gangs (many of whom are the same group of people) have a clear相关的主题文章: