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21 Nov

Why is the mother of the child’s fate? Sohu, a friend of my mother and son, when the son was 1 years old to go out to work, the child to grandma. Grandma is old, the interaction with the child is very limited, most of the time the child is alone, or watching tv. A friend said: a year later I go home to see the child, playing with a toy in his hand, repeated on an action. I talked to him, he ignored me. My heart suddenly sank, thought, bad! Later, a friend took his son to the hospital, the child was diagnosed with mild autism. This friend immediately very decisively made a decision to quit her well paid job, with children at home. It took nearly three years, her son finally had a significant change, interpersonal communication is also increasingly lively, active. The scientific community has so far had no idea of the true cause of autism. One thing is clear: it’s all about genes, not about parenting. But today I want to talk about, is suspected of autistic children. Like the friend I mentioned above, I don’t know about her child, how the autism diagnosis was made. But I did meet a lot of children, had been suspected of autistic children. They may have been some mechanism testing too easily labeled "autism" label; or they are difficult to raise the children, behavior problems, confusion, let parents anxiety for a long time. Without exception, these children have a common characteristic: their parent-child relationship, especially the relationship between mother and child, early years have suffered trauma. Below we talk about the mother child relationship, as well as maternal and child trauma. Understand the origin of trauma, but also understand the ways to avoid trauma and tragedy. The following injuries occur before the child is 3 years old. As early as the beginning of the fetus. ? a bad marriage caused the trauma to the child in June age of the fetus, is still in the belly of the mother, can tell the mother’s voice, and try to listen and try to understand the mother’s voice. Mother is happy, cheerful, the fetus will be more happy to kick her mother is depressed, depressed, the fetus will be quiet. That is to say, a little child, his mother, and the world of the association, at the beginning of the birth. Psychologists have observed that the fetus born in a bad marriage relationship is more likely to be difficult to maintain, love crying, and poor health. At the same time, a pregnant mother if couples suffered from her husband, family discord, lack of support, even the heart is anxiety, resentment and other emotions filled, so she is very difficult to have enough energy to love children. When a child cries, she has a deep sense of powerlessness. Because she is very difficult to respond positively to even have a small child, noisy and unlimited demanding. The little child’s crying is not properly responded, there will be trauma. Crying is always no response, the child will not cry. It was not that he had behaved well, but that he began to despair. Dare not to this.相关的主题文章: