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17 Nov

Why do so many people in Shanghai buy this car? Roewe E950 car fuel consumption test – Sohu Sohu E electric car [park] in today’s Chinese first-tier cities, want to buy a gasoline car condition is more and more harsh. If you clutching 250 thousand in Beijing, if you can not shake, even the car is not qualified, in contrast, many people envy Beijing film licensing policy in Shanghai, a license plate 80 thousand, although expensive, but if you really worry car, this money is also avert disaster. Until I chat with a friend in Shanghai, just know that the people of Shanghai also have their own troubles for Car Buying, originally you clutching 250 thousand can lock in the eyes of B class car, but if the price of the licence knead into it, then you can choose a compact car, Passat & quot; change the golf " the fact is so tragic! And today we say this car, today in the Shanghai high streets and back lanes has been very common, it is from SAIC Roewe e950. In fact, the official does not deny that the birth of this car is due to policy orientation. Compared to the above restrictions on gasoline vehicles in Shanghai, the policy tendency for plug-in hybrid models is more obvious. First, buy a plug-in hybrid can be free to send a value of 80 thousand yuan or more of the Shanghai brand in Shanghai; secondly, national and local governments will have 3+1 million yuan subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles, here is 120 thousand yuan in the advantage. Of course, I have not finished, then the specific to this Roewe E950, it meets the Shanghai local additional subsidies standards, is also the fuel tank does not exceed 40L (37L), the engine is less than or equal to 1.6L (1.4TGI) emissions and hybrid fuel consumption is less than or equal to 5.9L 100km, so this Roewe E950 will receive 14 thousand yuan where additional subsidies; and the SAIC manufacturers to give this car subsidy of 14 thousand and 900 yuan, down a Shanghai consumers to buy this car than to buy a car with gasoline at least spent 150 thousand yuan budget. And it can also meet you immediately on the desire Why not?? In the above said so much this car before buying the temptation, then we are in for a chat in the car, because we tested the 1.4T elite version of the model, the configuration is not high, so the static internal and external view and configuration is not to say, but my colleagues have also been in N the article had analyzed. Fortunately, Roewe E950 level two configuration models in power system and there is no difference, so we will focus on the fuel consumption test today, hope that through our practical tests for your use in the purchase cost after all reference. The power system in the understanding of the driving experience and test at present, we first try to understand the power system of the Roewe E950, which is composed of a 1.4TGI engine +EDU intelligent control unit + battery. The 1.4TGI engine is a product of SAIC and general cooperation, with the Cruze models 1.4T.相关的主题文章: