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17 Nov

When out of the "government procurement to develop relations" quagmire original title: government procurement "spell" when it can out of mud Author: Lian Haiping the use of big data that the "sunshine procurement" system designed to increase the protection of the supplier weight, improve the administrative and judicial relief system, and other process improvement with government procurement will slowly out of the fight the relationship is greater than the strength to fight in the mud. Recently, some media reporters in many interviews found that the government procurement in the presence of "illegal bartering" benefits "and other issues have not been thoroughly checked, all kinds of rent-seeking practices constantly and become more subtle. Involved in the government procurement market, participate in the competition of the enterprise often does not depend on its own strength, but excellent "relationship" and to understand the various kinds of "unspoken rule" and "all things to all men". Fair to say that, compared with previous years of chaos, in laws and regulations in place, gradually supply anti-corruption has intensified, the bidding system gradually perfect, procurement information transparency to accelerate the condition, improved unfairness in the process of government procurement, the dispute is also much less. However, with the implementation of the government procurement system over 100 years of countries, China’s government procurement system landing only ten years, is still in the "touch stone" stage, the problem can hardly be avoided. At the beginning of the laws and regulations, local government procurement in flagrant violation of the "government procurement law" "Bidding Law" phenomenon such as public bidding does not meet the eye everywhere, and the designated suppliers, purchase price and so on, until today, in a flagrant way illegal less, stolen phenomenon more, the ever-changing means become more subtle. Amazingly, the theory on strict and reasonable "firewall", to the stage of practical operation, will be easily penetrate. For example, the number of suppliers involved in the bidding under provisions of the bidding, to increase the free competition of the market, to ensure that government procurement of goods than three, make the best choice to prevent qiangmaiqiangmai. Unfortunately, "the event" appeared, the system design is useless. The other program is approximately the same, the clever and ignoring the rules of the eyes, only resolve the difficulty, no can do. To improve the government procurement system from the legal supply special a multitude of things, to the procurement process reengineering, from the procurement of specialized agencies set to professional personnel, from the procurement contract review to benefit audit, supervision and supervision, to engage in…… There is room for improvement. In my opinion, there are at least two areas that need to be strengthened and broken. The first "sunshine procurement". May provide technical data to the Internet as "sunshine procurement", for example, to establish bidding information platform for traceability throughout the electronic ledger management of procurement, all stakeholders can obtain the relevant information from. The audit department and the judicial department to implement the system of supervision, the general public and professionals from the realization of social supervision, suppliers to meet the right to know. Two is to protect suppliers. At present, some countries in the world where the government procurement system is running well, all attach great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of suppliers, especially in the dispute settlement mechanism, the formation of a relatively complete system and system. Some also set up the administrative court, if the supplier of government procurement in the process of illegal Hao相关的主题文章: