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16 Apr

When college students retired soldiers military instructors were closed for a week – Beijing Zhao Yinan (in) for the new correct Junzi had Xiang Yu photo Beijing, Wuhan in September 14 (Xinhua Ye Tao opened) 14, Wuhan Bioengineering Institute military training site, 16 retired back to school students particularly conspicuous, they have a special status: assistant the school military training instructor. 16 assistant instructors in the middle of the girls, Zhao Yinan is one of the 2. In 2013 she enlisted, retired in 2015 to return to school, now the junior department of the school of art. During the enlistment, she participated in several escort missions, won the outstanding soldiers and other Medal of honor. From the veterans to the military training instructor, Zhao Yinan admitted some apprehension, but she has a special feeling of camouflage. "Don’t see Zhao instructor is a girl, but training is very strict. But to the rest of time, she turned ‘adorable sister’, to teach us some life tips, but also a good way to learn some professor." Freshman Ma Yingjie said that many students do not have an assistant instructor for them is the envy of jealous hate". It is understood that the 16 assistant instructors were divided into two groups, a total of 13 companies, more than 1000 undertake new military training mission. "These two words to the soldiers humiliated", Zhao Yinan and other 16 people in the summer time, developed a strict training plan, also organized a closed training for a week, "no less than the intensity of training camp." "In the camp to learn that a determination, perseverance and courage, is my life’s most valuable asset." I believe the same as assistant instructor Zhu Kangning, "wait until the end of the training, students will also like him" reborn "". The Armed Forces Department Tao Dong said, this is the first school to assist students to attract retired troops to carry out military training. The identity of their "special", more down to earth, can effectively grasp the new physical and mental condition, effectively carry out the training work for. In the training process, even if the task requires training troop instructor for school leavers, also can ensure the continuity and quality of military training. (end)相关的主题文章: