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16 Sep

UnCategorized When visiting London, the first question you need to ask yourself if whether you want to see a musical, comedy or play and the second question which you must ask yourself is which show to attend! Anything that you could wish to see is always playing in London’s West End. Just be sure to book your tickets ahead so you don’t miss the shows. Even if you have seen a production of a Musical in another country, London’s West End can offer you another view of the same show. Many times the productions are varied enough that the show which you saw before is barely recognizable. If a new actress or singer is in the lead role of a production, the entire experience is altered into a fantastical one which will leave you delighted time after time. So be sure to check out what is available in London’s West End and book ahead. You don’t want to miss out on the show of the season. So what’s hot in the West End right now? Here is our Guide to the Top London Theatre Shows. There are several Plays, Comedies and Musicals which you can enjoy while visiting London. Here are some of the amazing shows which you might want to catch this season: Adrian Grant’s "Thriller Live" which pays homage to the late Michael Jackson. It is a live production that will make you remember the best of the "King of Pop’s" greatest hits. The music is perfection and the choreography is just what is needed to make this event the show of the year. Do not miss out. Maurine Dallas Watkins’s "Chicago" staring Ruthie Henshall, Terra C MacLeod, Ian Kelsey, David Ganley and Jasna Ivir. It is one of the hits of the season which will leave you wanting more. The choreography by Ann Reinking is stunning. The cast is flawless and the costumes will take your breath away. It is one of the best productions of "Chicago" yet to date. When it comes to Comedy you simply must catch Jason Moore’s "Avenue Q". It is a fun and lively comedic show which everyone has loved from the start. "Avenue Q" is hip and young and the perfect thing to catch while visiting London’s West End. If you wish to catch a play while visiting the hippest part of London’s best, then be sure to see Stephen Daldry’s "An Inspector Calls". It is running at the Wyndham. This production reminds one of the days when a play had a special pleasure to it. This will make an evening in London’s West End the perfect night event. Also playing is William Shakespeare’s "Twelfth Night". While you might have seen it elsewhere, if you’ve never seen it in London’s West End then you haven’t seen "Twelfth Night" at all. You simply must see this wonderful production of staring Richard Wilson, James Fleet, Richard McCabe, Nancy Carroll, Alexandra Gilbreath, Jo Stone-Fewings, Sam Alexander and Miltos Yerolemou. It is wonderful and a Classic to be enjoyed. It is playing currently at Duke of York’s. London and Duke of York’s is a perfect night out for you and that someone special. At ticket vendors online there are often special offers to be had. Be sure to ask about the reduced prices for many productions. Also remember that booking ahead can often save you not only time, but money as well. Enjoy the night in London’s West End this season for the shows that will make your Thespian Heart soar! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: