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16 Sep

Legal Breach of contract is the inability to perform any term of a contract without a valid legal reason or excuse. The contract can be either written or verbal. There several types of breach which can include: not finishing a job, failure to make payment in total or on time desired, failure to deliver goods and services in due period etc. Usually a breach of contract is a legal term that amounts to a broken promise of any act. A lawsuit for breach of contract falls under civil law and the remedies awarded are designed to place the injured party in the position. However, remedies for contractual breaches are not designed to punish the breaching party. Its understood that a contract always a legally enforceable promise but certain verbal promises must be evident in writing form to satisfy the Statute of Frauds – a rule of evidence as a written instrument. For any legal suit, one must know the .mon remedies before approaching the solicitor. Following are a few .mon remedies: (1) .pensatory Damages: Reimbursement in form of cash/services to .pensate for the loss according to the damage. (2) Consequential and Incidental Damages: Money or services for losses caused by the breach that were predictable or foreseeable. Foreseeable damages means that either of the parties had the idea of the damage at the time contract was signed. (3) Attorney fees and costs: Recoverable only in case of expressly provided for in the contract. (4) Liquidated Damages: These are damages specified in the contract payable only in case of a fraud. (5) Specific Performance: This is a rare remedy and a court order is required to perform exactly as specified in the contract. It can be applied only in the real estate transaction and unique property dealing. (6) Punitive Damages: This remedy has a social value. In this, the money given to punish a person who acted in an offensive and egregious manner in an effort to deter the person and others from repeated occurrences of the wrongdoing. (7) Rescission: This is a simple remedy where contract is canceled in both parties. Both parties are excused from further performance. Above mentioned are a general remedies of any legal breach of contract, however, any legal system has more ways to recover breach of contracts. About the Author: Fast-tracking Your Family Dispute By: Hassan Elhais – In a situation of a marriage or family breakdown, lengthy court battles over issues like custody may strain already frayed nerves. Tags: Top Reasons To Hire A Bicycle Accident Lawyer In Chicago By: Hampry – Involved in a bicycle accident case? Read on to find why you should hire an experienced lawyer in the first place. 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