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19 Nov

What constellation promise never (Figure) [] what Su Ge Xing blog constellation never abide by the agreement of life, most of the time, said a vow is easy, but after this sentence the day, because of some subjective or objective reasons, to achieve is not so simple. Agreement is the same, some people just love say love, a promise, but it will soon be forgotten, was mentioned only when it is on impulse, not in your heart, but some people are not easily promised what, once said he will abide by the agreement is fulfilled, some natural essence of constellation. Scorpio is a water sign Scorpio is a very controversial sign, they have a strong sixth sense, observant, and mysterious atmosphere of the unusual, on the surface, Scorpio is a little cold, make some people dare not close, if they don’t care for what is not to ignore, but it is dare love and hate in their hearts very fiery, indifferent to hide their fear of heart. Because things are often inspired by, and sometimes people can not understand, but they are a sign to abide by the agreement, which is no doubt. Scorpio is a sign of strong sustainability, constantly self they can concentrate on work, fight for their own goals, as well as reality, their sense of responsibility is very strong, to say, do, have the courage to admit, so, Scorpio the agreement will also do, even if you don’t remember, they will not forget their action is full of confidence, bold and positive, willpower is the power they relentlessly forward, no matter how things change, how to develop, as they are the principle of life. Capricorn can abide by the promise, there must be a stable personality, superhuman endurance, very strict demands on themselves, and Capricorn is such a sign, they thought is conservative, lack of humor, some introverted, generally do not take the initiative to express their feelings, they attach great importance to the traditional reputation and authority, so will be the. They are not flexible, not good to refuse others, but they are not the kind of afraid of hurting others and do things carelessly because people know that you cheat can hurt more, so, if you really want to have what agreed with each other, even if that process will be very hard, they will try every way to follow, which is why they always give people a sense of trust. Melancholy Capricorn, yearning for a stable life, they step-by-step through every day of your life, love your time to fill the full, for the appointment, is on their list, and remind yourself of the blog, diary, can easy to find they tell themselves they also remind each other words, ineloquent sign with this most simple method of recording their words and deeds, to good things, good agreement in the future, is the most you want to accomplish. Virgo perfectionism is synonymous with Virgo, all of their behavior and perfection, and some critical of them.相关的主题文章: