Wenzhou fried tenants in the 32 million lottery prize said to buy lottery tickets than fly invictus gaming

20 Nov

Wenzhou real estate speculators in 32 million lottery lottery stocks than that reliable Beijing – Chu network news (reporter Chen Hao, Li Jianming) "master, here is the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center Duijiang office? I’m here to get a about one hundred thousand prize." "Please take out the lottery and sign your name on the back." The staff replied. "The place how awarding a little mystery not ah, too simple!" He said quietly left the scene of awarding. Originally, Mr. Lin, he is Ezhou was Shuangseqiu 16105th 32 million 850 thousand grand prize winner (of surname), in fact, to accept the award before, he has been through the telephone inquiries well, he must pass the lottery jackpot ticket check inspection room of the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center, in order to handle the formalities for the award. This is the morning of September 12th, occurred in Hubei Province welfare lottery center Duijiang office real scene. Stocks lost 10 million and reporters in the chat, Mr. Lin, a native of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Mandarin, speaking about his passing off the reel, and life. Mr. Lin, 45 years old, his hometown in Zhejiang, Wenzhou, Ezhou to do business for more than 5 years. Usually do some small real estate business, such as the purchase of several sets of real estate, and then leased. Although businessmen, but Mr. Lin’s biggest hobby is to buy lottery tickets, stock speculation. Did not expect that in recent years the stock market is not good, one after another has lost nearly 10 million yuan. Mr. Lin has been buying lottery for more than 10 years, is the beginning of a random number, and sometimes with the feeling of picking a few notes, but has been missed with the award, the feeling is only a dream of the prize. Keep the number actually 30 million in the number of the grand prize has been guarding the number of 3 years, did not expect to be able to really in the jackpot." Mr. Lin said, in the afternoon of September 8th driving home, found a lottery site roadside, expect that there Shuangseqiu lottery, then put the car parked on the roadside, and went in, and found that the station is also linked to a 7 million 230 thousand jackpot in red fall. At that time did not think much, they will be kept on the number of copies of the bet, and then drove home. Mr. Lin, his number is not just elected, must meet the following 3 conditions: one is to keep the number of must have a block; such as the winning numbers in 27, 28 of the two even number. Two is to have a number of intervals of 1, such as the winning number in the 08, 10, is the number of intervals of 1. The three is identified in the last number, and must be in front of any number, the spacing is greater than 12; for example, the last number of the winning number is 31, with 31-19=12; that is to say, the election of 31, only 19; and similar award, such feature, you can check see the previous winning number, can be said to meet the eye everywhere. Three years ago, is in line with the combination of these 3 conditions have been kept buy now. Originally had 7 times, 9 times the bet, is nearly a month before dropping to only cast a 5 times. The reason why such a vote, because I am a bit of a fancy digital Geely, such as cast 7 times, 6+"相关的主题文章: