Wei Chen, Tony Yang, and his friends on the muscle of the good by Mr. (video) incubus

19 Nov

Wei Chen Tony Yang Shawn Yue Eddie Peng’s theory of "muscle" those good friends do not say first position of Eddie Peng in the thousands of girls in mind, the light is in the coffee in the entertainment fitness Eddie Peng was already in existence: a benchmark figure is to let thousands of girls shy of his face, low body fat muscle body sexy to spray nosebleed. Surging! The Wei Chen Eddie Peng show self gym but now he is a figure sculpture of the male god, in fact, have cannot bear to think of the past childhood…… When I was small, fleshy, looks like Meng da! When the height of the middle school on the 158 he went to the weight of 140 pounds! I can’t imagine a sculptural figure. He was disciplined in the studio, and he wants to exercise together, diet control infection of many workers, "but no one will really go through this process". In 2010, "roll it! "Axin is one of his few performance opportunities, he spent 8 months training in silence, continue to challenge the physical limits of their own, develop standard gymnast figure. The final by virtue of efforts to rebound, the forty-eighth finalists Taiwan Film Awards for best actor. He used a script in a line to describe the past: "if you only have a chance to stand up, do your best."!" Subsequently, he starred in the "battle", in order to better meet the role of temperament, he make a hell of training and more strict diet plan! Take "hassle", his body fat rate of only 3%, achieve professional bodybuilder standard, in the movie and Nick Cheung gave a very real fight scene, sincere to the meat, "now just search for" Eddie Peng ", is jumping out of the muscle, he joked. 2-3 hours a day training, exercise MMA MMA, Muay Thai, Brazil Jiu Jitsu for 4 hours, he is said to be the coach beat more than and 200 boxing day, and every day he can only eat the staple food and a small amount of white boiled vegetables, satiety by white boiled chicken breast and protein, "eat vomit, no one will so crazy" he joked! Take Huang Feihong "a dream hero", he continued to work hard, hard training for half a year, the paper tiger fighter boxing, crane boxing and other new skills. From fat to lean to the muscles, Eddie Peng with perseverance and sweat to complete the magnificent transformation, inspired many people don’t know! Now fitness has become a part of his life, even if the work is too late to go to the gym after the rest! Eddie Peng’s "muscle" friends in an interview before Eddie Peng said "the actor the happiest place, some people think it is a money ah ah, but a lot of times when you are with a group of like-minded people together, this is the most happy". The "muscle" friends: Wei Chen Keywords: morning fish Yan and his friend Eddie Peng Wei Chen micro-blog sun fitness photos, and issued a document wrote: "the house of two boring cannon… Similar weight loss!" In the picture, two people gathered in the gym, fit a big show of muscle, the good figure accentuates! Fans have also commented to the so-called thin clothing, strip meat!" "Morning fish Yan, the CP I was! That is to lose weight, but they are obviously in "Liao Mei"! Good muscle friends: Yuan Hong, with his entry into the muscle world, Eddie Peng and the knot of the knot with the "" in the world of the heart of the world: "the heart of the world," and "the heart of the world", "the friend of!相关的主题文章: