Wanli tire factory in Hefei put into operation to establish a new benchmark for intelligent manufact norton disk doctor

19 Nov

Wanli tire production plant in Hefei set a new benchmark for intelligent manufacturing in November 9, 2016, Wanli tire factory in Hefei (hereinafter referred to as the "Wan Li Hefei factory) production activities in Jianghuai Auto Parts Industrial Park held in Changfeng County of Hefei city gang. Guangdong Anhui two government representatives, leaders and experts, the National Association of rubber tires from global equipment suppliers, Wanli tire dealer representatives, Wanli factory in Hefei on behalf of the national media reporters and builders to witness this historic moment. Hefei City Vice Mayor Wang Xiang (middle), Deputy Minister of the former Ministry of chemical industry, Sinopec Association Second, three president Li Wu (right four), Guangzhou SASAC deputy director Wang Guilin (left four), Hefei Changfeng county Party Secretary Xu Hua (right three), Hefei Changfeng county magistrate Liu Zhengyi (left three) Guangzhou Wanli Group Co., Ltd. chairman Fu Shoujie (right two), general manager of Guangzhou Wanli Group Limited Huang Yong (left two), deputy general manager of Jiang Huai Automobile Corp Chen Zhiping (right), Hefei Wanli Tire Co. Ltd. General Manager Shi Zheng (left) million Hefei plant is the group’s million million tire Limited by Share Ltd and Jianghuai Automotive Co. jointly invest in the construction of a world-class tire manufacturing factory. The plant plans to invest 1 billion 988 million yuan, the actual investment of 1 billion 428 million yuan, covers an area of 500 acres, the construction project started in June 26, 2015, 2016 at the end of a period of 1 million of all steel radial tire production capacity, the 2017 year will reach an annual output of all steel radial tire production capacity of 2 million. In response to "China 2025" strategy, Wanli factory in Hefei in order to drive innovation, and actively explore the path of transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, innovation tire factory building concept, from integrated automotive, bio pharmaceutical industry experience and advanced manufacturing technology, built the first full field of intelligent and automation, the whole process of all-round green the tire factory, set up green made a new benchmark. The picture shows the Hefei Wanli tire factory limited innovation thinking innovation construction idea of cross-border integration of integrated intelligent manufacturing Chinese is the world’s largest car market, but also the world’s largest tire market by car, but auto parts localization rate is very high on the contrary, the tire market is still foreign brands play a leading role, the domestic tire brand is still out of the status quo not the low price competition. "The world’s largest market, will be a world-class brand. Million tire to achieve the international tire giant to catch up, we must establish a world-class R & D system and manufacturing system." Wanli Group Chairman Fu Shoujie once in office, put forward the grand goal to build a world-class brand. Three years, Wanli Group has built a million tire rubber research institute, Wanli Innovation Park, and accelerate the construction of Overseas Research Institute for research from the start station in parallel with the international giants of the starting line; build around the world class manufacturing system goals, Motorola group decided to build Hefei Wanli factory as an opportunity, in accordance with the general requirements of "China manufacturing 2025" and "4 industry" standards, building a leading, world-class intelligent tire manufacturing plant. A veteran of the tire industry has been an image metaphor.相关的主题文章: