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16 Apr

"War" by the original voice authentication secret China Jiang Minhao mentor lineup cold song site map Sina entertainment news on September 26th, held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang TV [micro-blog] "China blue autumn blockbuster will see the film, the original music dream show" voice war "concern. The unique design program in the mode of development, singer mentor, music team, stage effect, let a person find everything fresh and new. On the day of the press conference scene, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of world media research center of the Secretary General on behalf of Professor cold song institution issued a certificate of "the voice of the original mode of war" to the Zhejiang satellite TV program. And this is also the first state-level scientific research program for the development of original certification. Who will become the show’s mentor, has become another important focus of the press conference. The voice of the "war" director Jiang Minhao said, after several months of meticulous communication, the program group invited more than the audience loved Chinese music and singing will join the top, the digital first singer to achieve cooperation. In October this year, the program aired, the audience is expected to see the performance of these heavyweight singer. To the friends of Song Mountain, Hangzhou, "the voice of the war" is a "martial arts event" in 26, "China blue autumn large will see the film," the voice of the war "the program director Jiang Minhao a costume appearance caused a scene everyone’s curiosity. With a quack pride, as the embodiment of "Jianghu Bai Xiaosheng" by Jiang introduced this "voice of war": "to a dream horse, sword horizon, to the friends of song, Hangzhou media!" According to reports, "the voice of the war" is a folk singer to challenge the general music program, to show the dream as the cornerstone to learn the way to sing and folk singer directly top face to face "art". The winner can be invited to the final stage of the concert, complete the music dream. The million charity concert program is ending the war. To this end, Zhejiang satellite TV will invite a large number of reasons for a variety of reasons, never had the opportunity to see the concert at the scene of the special audience to the scene, to feel an exclusive their most extreme music moved. Heavyweight mentor lineup unveiled for the first time Sherry [micro-blog] and is expected to join the strength to sing neither draft, nor the competition, this is a not out of the "music arena". Then, on this arena which will be the master blows? On the 26 day of the advertising scene, the sound of war, director general Jiang Minhao for the first time to the public to uncover some of the mysterious veil. Before the program group has initially with four super popular singer strength reached a cooperation agreement, they are Sherry, Jam Hsiao, Hebe Tian, Yu Quan [micro-blog] [micro-blog] combination. They will be assigned to the program with a new look, will experience in the program under the rules and make full use of their concert performances over the years, the interpretation of singing skills, as a singer to help people. Among them, Sherry and Hebe Tian recently appeared in the variety show, with the combination of the United States and the United States and the United States, the combination of "sound of war" will bring more surprises in the future, and in the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the. In addition, Jiang also revealed that the program will also set up a mysterious []相关的主题文章: