Victory or defeat in the 2016146 phase of the color of the nine recommended Monaco home unbeaten – S thinkpad s230u

19 Nov

Victory in 2016146 period nine recommended: Monaco home court undefeated – Sohu         01 Champions Monaco 09-28 02:45 Le Wo 31         2.48 normal standard disc found a negative trend in the current, the disc to tie plate strength decline, from the first round of the performance Monaco’s heroics, and the team in the Champions League initiative is relatively strong, this point "significantly compared to the gap, recent poor record" the road can not easily believe that the 31 may have to fill a single play.         02 cup Mo army 09-28 02:45 hot thorn 31           indexplate win 2.36 normal but the trend is not obvious, disc guest Let flat half high water belongs to the heart plate, round spurs home court losing to Monaco, while Mo army is away 2:2 Pinglewo, compared the two army combat capability as can be imagined, Mo home court good and doubt about events beyond the attitude, in the face of attack Tottenham not disadvantage, not a small hope unbeaten home court.         03 cup 09-28 multi 02:45 Huang Ma 3   nine   3;       indexplate found 2.44 normal trend for home, the disk main let flat half high water and low water tie strength belongs to Dortmund disc, the first round of the Champions League away big underdog wins a while back, while Real Madrid is the last moment difficult home court victory over Lisbon is ugly, the two teams state comparison Dortmund is also strong in Real Madrid, and the two sides clash of the Champions League home court for Real Madrid 3 game winning streak, the estimation of Real Madrid is not the opponent.         04 Champions Lisbon 09-28 02:45 Warsaw 3   3   nine;       standard disc found 1.22 low trend is relatively stable, the disk main let the ball half ball low water handicap is deep, there is a direct relationship between the data and the two first round, Lisbon won the the field still have a chance to compete against Dortmund and Real Madrid home court, so this should be the first to win again, do not just bureau.         05 cup the brother ha 09-28 02:45 Bruges 3   nine; 3 (1)         indexplate found 1.83 normal trend for home, the disk main let hemisphere low water belongs to the power wheel, the first round of Copenhagen road back to 1 points of confidence will rise from Oporto, Bruges lost a large margin to cut into a home court.相关的主题文章: