Uzi was hit to cry Most of the players want to delete the lens collection-didadi

15 Apr

Uzi was hit to cry? The life of the most players want to remove the lens collection of players are ordinary people, one does not pay attention to some embarrassing things too often, but PDD GIF said that a small? He didn’t know how many times it was funny. We all know that professional players in the game will have a camera is facing the players, while the players are also broadcast live and fans interact. Today Xiaobian and take a look at the players who shot the embarrassed. It turned to Korol, more will fall into the infinite cycle of brainwashing before the second director Korol laugh rotten flowers fibrillation when the camera immediately grim, but this is not the director you believe his idol burden ah – director. The compressive brothers are on the move a hit very familiar with: the dynamic time play the most famous "handshake" link, a let Faker have the shadow of the man Faker this U God nose have become classics, U God in this typical digging head forget the existence of the lens – U God Faker explosions with black Meng Meng’s face it’s so cute: Faker this is the synthesis of GIF from the user from the user out of the "big mind disappear" but I said Marin falls after rubbing the ass look around Small eyes too adorable. Marin PDD is a name of bursting point is low, but the face of the lens when suddenly hold small eyes also tell you that I also have a PDD idol burden — PDD (source: Tencent game editor: D) Sina statement: posted this article for the purpose of transfer for more information, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: