University graduates can not find job training fees owed companies have been left vacant – Beijing ghost observer

19 Nov

University graduates can not find a job training fee has gone down due to company – Chengdu Beijing green wheat company training base has been emptied of the training room "to ensure employment, wages 4000~6000 yuan"…… A number of college students by the Chengdu green wheat Education Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu green wheat company) promises to attract, for loans to pay training fees, but only after the training work is not found, also owed several million yuan loan (Chengdu Daily has been reported). Yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter was informed that the current Chengdu green wheat company’s teachers have all been diverted to leave. At the same time, the reporter visited found that Chengdu green wheat company’s training base has been evacuated before January, the company’s headquarters is also about to retire. Reporters asked whether the green wheat Shanghai headquarters will continue to operate in Chengdu, the other said, this is the company’s trade secrets, not easy to disclose. Chengdu green wheat head Tian said she had left Chengdu green wheat. Event playback students no work with huge loan companies in violation of "advertising law" and was fined 200 thousand in July this year, the Chengdu Daily reporter received a number of students to participate in the training of rebellion in Chengdu Qing Mai company, company to "ensure employment" and "wages 4000~6000 yuan", "the period of training fees and subsidies," as promised, induction of high loan to participate in corporate training for students. But after the end of the training not only did not find work, but also owed tens of thousands of Yuan training fees. The matter of the Chengdu Business Daily reported after the intervention, Chengdu business sector survey, students began to require the company to refund, and reach an agreement with the company, before the termination of the loan contract, but still need to pay 5000~17000 yuan "class fee and subsidy". In August 17th, Chengdu City, Jinjiang District market and Quality Supervision Bureau made a decision on Chengdu green wheat Education Technology Co. Ltd., Chengdu green wheat company due to the use of "the most senior" and "best" and "advertisement law" prohibiting advertisements, fined 200 thousand yuan, and ordered to stop the use and release of the advertisement of punishment. The latest progress of training base has been withdrawn from Chengdu head office will surrender yesterday, the Chengdu Daily reporter learned from a number of teacher turnover, Chengdu green wheat company teachers have been split left, all courses have been ended in October 28th, the company will continue to carry out the training business in Chengdu. A former teacher, in September after the current course after the company has been deceived left, "now the teacher has almost go through." Afternoon, the reporter went to the Chengdu training base of green wheat company at four Changhong Street Tianfu science and technology building. Located in the building 14~16 floor of the classroom has all been vacant, the classroom computer and other teaching equipment all removed. The 16 floor of the base office door closed, office items are all clean air. According to the property management center staff, the company has Chengdu green wheat at the end of September in succession from the building evacuation. Subsequently, the reporter went to the 21 floor of the Chengdu Plaza is located in the Silverstone green wheat company headquarters, the office lights dim, only four or five employees of the company, but not the normal office. According to Silverstone square Leasing Center staff, green wheat相关的主题文章: