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15 Apr

Ubisoft to still haunt the hostile takeover of Vivendi but never yield in the past few months, Vivendi has been trying to grab more and more Ubisoft shares, which in addition to the Ubisoft management uncomfortable, CEO Yves Guillemot has made it clear that it will destroy ubisoft. In the financial quarter call recently held meeting, he again to Vivendi "attack" were condemned. Ubisoft to still haunt the hostile takeover of Vivendi "before the first half of the fiscal year of the in-depth reporting operating results, I would first like to briefly express their views on the end of the last quarter held that important annual shareholders’ meeting. As you understand it, who claimed that they have mastered the Vivendi shares Ubisoft enough for us to sit on the board seats, and a large number of conflicts of interest and their slow based management of companies, employees and shareholders have a negative impact on this reason, we have been strongly opposed to this argument. In short, the end result is that extensive support for Ubisoft shareholders and our strategic positioning, which makes all decisions are aborted weiwangdi. Ubisoft crisis did not really end "and at the same time, we are all resolutions to Vivendi abstained, in a radical way persist in wilfully and arbitrarily. As a result, they have succeeded in ensuring that those who need 2/3 votes in favor of the resolution can not pass, especially the support of the transfer of shares of employees. Aside from Vivendi does not talk, our shareholders of these resolutions support rate is very high, reached about 80%, which means that if there is no Vivendi trouble, they could easily pass. This is a spoiler premeditated behavior, also confirmed that the concept of Vivendi and Ubisoft employees and shareholders does not accord. Ubisoft games will offer "we believe that Ubisoft defensive emboldened always has been and will remain for many years creating shareholder wealth and the continued implementation of strategic decision-making. We do not consider shareholder support as a matter of principle, and we are well aware that this trust must be repaid in January, year after year." "Of course, we will continue to let you see the excellent performance of Ubisoft in the next few years." (source: swim fast edit: not pleased) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: