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15 Apr

U.S. Secretary of state Kerrey: awkward election influence the image of the United States original title: U.S. Secretary of state: awkward election influence the image of the United States morning news reporter Xu Huifen reported "mail", obscene video, favoritism scandal…… The 2016 election is considered full of "sex and lies", even the United States Secretary of state Kerrey also could not help but complain, said this "awkward" election, affect the image of the United states. Kerrey "complain" Tim Tim Tim local time on October 31st, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Kerrey to visit London, england. Kerrey’s visit is mainly to accept the British Royal Institute of international affairs, Chatham House Institute awarded the international diplomatic award, and participate in the Libya conference. During his visit to London, Kerrey met with a group of students, along with the mayor of London,, and ·. Speaking of the ongoing US election, Kerrey said: "I have to admit that this election has affected the image of the United States overseas…… There have been moments of great embarrassment, and sometimes more than anything I know – I was in the United States in 2004." Kerrey said that he never thought that the general election debate will not focus on the real problem, this is a real change." Kerrey also complained that the "embarrassing" election, so that his work increased the difficulty. This view is more than Kerrey. U.S. media said that U.S. President Obama intends to expand the November 8th general election after the visit arrangements, intended to confirm the U.S. policy to overseas allies, position, seeking to repair the image of the United states". CNN and termination of election commentators releases the topic at the same time, the continuing disclosure scandal. Local time on October 31st, Wikileaks released document said that in the U.S. cable television (CNN) during his tenure, the Taiwan commentator, interim chairman of the Democratic National Committee Donald · Brasel had declared yesterday to the Hilary team in the Democratic primaries, leaked will appear in the debate topic in advance. "WikiLeaks" October 31st reported that in an e-mail in March this year, Brasel told President Hilary’s campaign team John · Podesta, there will be a problem from the state of Michigan is experiencing a crisis of drinking water of the residents of Flint, said in a message, "her family lead poisoning, she would ask, if Hilary is elected president what will do, to help Flint residents." In a debate on March 7th, a woman came to Hilary asked this question: "if you were elected, in your first 100 days, you will tap water system requirements across the United States are removing lead?" CNN announced in October 31st that it has been cancelling the contract with Brasel, saying that the close interaction between the Brasel and the campaign team of the "feel uncomfortable" in the." Allegedly, Brasel resigned in October 14th in the work of CNN. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: