U.S. media said the 20 performance of F-22 but with the number of winning face-ravbin

16 Apr

U.S. media said the 20 performance but with the number of winning Nandi F-22 data figure: in the Eleventh Chinese airshow annihilates -20 aircraft formation flight Reference News Network November 9th U.S. media reported that Chinese debuted at the Zhuhai air show last week Chinese f -20 fighter left a memorable impression, even fear. According to wired magazine website on November 7th article said that the supersonic twin engine fighter with advanced radar and sensor capability, configuration 360 helmet display system, the pilot can see the target through the plane. According to the publicity, it has the United States Air Force for decades diligently strive after stealth technology. Compared with rival F-22 Raptor stealth fighter much larger volume, so it can carry more fuel and weapons, its power will extend to depths of enemy territory. The fighter was unveiled, followed by its roaring exhaust, immediately caused panic in the world. It can defeat the West’s most advanced stealth technology F-22 Raptor and F-35 joint strike fighter? The article said that annihilates -20 is not F-22 fighters, in its most important performance – avoidance radar, and it also has absolutely no effect. Till group, aviation analyst Richard · Abu Rufiyaa said: "at best, it can only be invisible from the front. And F-22 and F-35 like a full range of stealth radar can be identified from all directions to a minimum." Real stealth depends on the shape of the aircraft, exhaust, material composition, cockpit shielding protection, and even flight characteristics. Abu suspected Rufiyaa annihilates -20 aircraft designers did not fully grasp the stealth technology. The article said that, technically, the f -20 can be regarded as the fifth generation fighter, it has the same generation fighter skill and ability, but it lacks the American fighters possessed professional breadth of knowledge and technology innovation. In the pre – F -20 canard wing before similar elevator plane — as an example. It is useless for stealth flight, probably to compensate for the inherent instability of the design. F -20 fighter maneuverability and lack of the United States similar electronics, communication and sensing ability. Rufiyaa Abu said: "the war in front of, f -20 fighter seconds it will be defeated." The article said, however, this may not matter. F -20 fighter is not to compete with F-22 fighter. The real threat is to use it with its unique invisibility, penetrate into the theater, attack support frontline soldiers of the aircraft, such as air refueling and reconnaissance aircraft configuration airborne warning and control system and other large objects. Once put into use after 2018, f -20 will ensure that control China area. Peter, a military analyst at ·, said: "at that time, China will have reliable air to air combat capabilities for its Asian neighbors, including Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries."." Singer said that this capability will undoubtedly expand to the allies to buy aircraft, including Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South america. The article said, in addition, Chinese is likely to be the construction of a large number of fighters -20 and fighters -31 fighter (itself is imitation machine F-35 fighter), but also)相关的主题文章: