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23 Jul

Site-Promotion Twitter is the latest craze today and is an awesome way to build relationships with potential clients and customers. If you are not currently using twitter to communicate with your target market you are either crazy or you just do not know the power of twitter. Twitter is basically a platform that allows you to converse with hundreds if not thousands of people at the same time. It is very personal and allows you to build personal relationships. This is huge when it comes to selling your products or services. People like to buy from people they know. That is why twitter is such a gold mine when it comes to selling your products and services. Most people that are not using twitter either do not understand its power or really do not know it exists. I was a person that just did not understand its power. You see, I learned about twitter almost 2 years ago. I never did anything with it because I just did not understand it. I did not know the power that it actually held. Once I started hearing the success stories of how twitter actually drove traffic and sales I became very interested. I was curious to see how this platform actually worked. So, I dove in and started investigating the ins and outs of twitter. What I found was very interesting. Basically, I found that it is very easy to get people to open up and build relationships on Twitter. That ultimately resulted in more traffic and more sales to my sites. It was not because I was selling on Twitter. It was because I was building relationships and joining the conversation. By default people were just landing on my pages and buying my products. So, I decided to get a little more aggressive on twitter and see how that worked. To my surprise the more aggressive I became the less I sold. The more aggressive I became the less traffic came to my sites. That’s a very interesting phenomenon. So, basically what that told me is you can do more and sell more if you just go with the natural flow of twitter. I did find a couple of tricks and strategies to use, but I cannot get into that with this article. Basically what I want to teach you today is to use twitter as it is supposed to be used. Join the conversation and get in there and do what everyone else is doing. Building relationships and building friendships. If you do that followers, traffic and sales will follow. About the Author: Twitter special report . This special report will show you exactly the tips, tricks and strategies I have used to build great relationships and even pull in Thousands of dollars using twitter. So, if you are interested in building relationships, driving traffic and grabbing sales using twitter you cannot miss out on this report. Go grab the Twitter special report now and start getting a mass of follo Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: