Try to sleep division Xiao Xu seeking &quot sleep &quot successful experience lying to make

16 Apr

"Try to sleep" Xiao Xu sleep for " " successful experience lay money talk about the Sina entertainment news on November 27th, the film "love" the network try to sleep Red Star Hotel held in Shanghai to try to sleep and live the Ultimate Movie Poster conference, starring Xiao Xu, several million net red attended the event. Activities, Xiao Xu is seeking to sleep success, hand in hand live network red turned to sleep division, to join the trial live broadcast activities, experience a lie to earn money". Xiao Xu played in the film Munan river is the main actor Denis? Wu’s friend and adviser, is a caring person. In this regard, Xiao Xu said is a challenge, "a rare attempt a serious role, can be said to be half grass root half god, very fun!" Try to sleep for the teacher occupation, he said the first time I heard that "shame", read the script of this occupation has the understanding, but also want to have a try, "this occupation is really beautiful, I also want to try to sleep when the teacher. Today has finally come true, for ‘sleep’ success, the future may want to become an occupation of the switch, try to sleep, sleep can also earn very good!" Talking about the film and Denis? Wu scenes, Xiao Xu joked that two people are hurt each other, what impressed me most is that we have a particularly hard hit drama, it is beating each other, hurt each other." Xiao Xu also praised Denis Wu? Good figure, "he has a habit of fitness, good shape. I also have the habit of fitness…… But didn’t insist." As we all know, this is a real occupation. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people try to sleep in hotels all over the world. The day after the conference, Xiao Xu and several million net turned red try to sleep, try to sleep with live events, unlock the various occupation skill teachers try to sleep, users not only enjoyed six star hotel luxury and meticulous service, and experience one of the teachers try to sleep addiction. (Tan Tanwen) (commissioning editor: Koyo)相关的主题文章: