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15 Apr

Truth survey: Dongguan man chasing the car was shot and killed in the end why shot? Beijing – October 27, 2016 at noon, in the Changan town of Guangdong city in Dongguan Province, there is a man in the street with a brick smashed up suspected armored car, followed by guards shot to death. The guards shot is legitimate, under what circumstances can shoot the topic, caused great controversy in society. Recently, CCTV reporter also rushed to Guangdong, Dongguan, to investigate the matter. Video: armored car is not uniform through any abnormal reporters in a shop near the South Zhenrong saw this video, October 27th 12 noon to 06 minutes or so, YunChaoChe uniform through, has not found any abnormal. After the transfer of more than and 100 meters, the car stopped at the intersection waiting for a red light. So, why did Huang Wulin hit the escort car? Witnessed the neighborhood: armored car was scraped after him, should be to rub his arm, man went to block, but also did not go to the front, the car directly gone. The network "scoop" event did not find the relevant video and in ten minutes ago, Huang Wulin just carrying luggage through here, a hotel at the crossroads to take his figure, at this time Huang Wulin is no exception. From the other shop monitoring can be seen in the middle of the road Zhenrong, armored car at this time also in normal driving, and did not see the shadow of Huang Wulin. In other words, the network transmission rub event is likely to occur in the more than 100 meters of the road, but unfortunately the reporter did not find the video to prove this point. Witnesses said the red light escort vehicles were smashed according to witnesses, originally in the red light escort car, suddenly encountered a red man smashed, his hands holding suspected objects bricks. Witness: I went out when I heard a "bang" sound, I saw that he threw a brick at the car, he continuously hit, and ran up and kicked several feet, is not fun, and ran up my mirror to breaking out, breaking off to throw on the way. After the green light escort vehicle began to go over there, just over the traffic lights to side parking, but the boys chase, chase after the car hit him. Escort car parking again men continue to chase after the scene more than witnesses about the escort car to move on, in a video provided by witnesses, escort car to usha factory near the bus station again after parking, and open the double flash, at this time, the red man did not stop chasing the pace. Witnesses Joe: about 11 to 12 in the morning, I changed the road from the middle of the road south, along with the car behind the bill, about the distance between the three or four cars. I want to buy a pack of cigarettes to run across the street. Then he saw that the boy had lost his bag and took the bricks to chase the money. And then, after a while, I saw him taking a brick to take the car, I went across the road to buy a pack of cigarettes. According to the driving passengers in the car after the escort vehicle description, the red man threw the packet on the road, on the side of the road to pick up bricks, catch up with escort vehicles continue to chase. Mechanic: when I see, he has hit more than and 10 seconds.相关的主题文章: