Trump the Fed does not raise interest rates due to pressure on Obama t6570

17 Nov

Trump: the Fed interest rate hike because Obama pressure on the U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 13 days Republican presidential candidate Trump said Monday U.S. time, the Fed chairman Yellen has to raise interest rates, because the Obama administration exerted political the pressure behind the scenes. He stressed that the Fed can exercise its duties, the key is to maintain political independence, and now the agency is still able to do this is questionable. "Interest rates remain at zero, because she’s obviously politically inclined, and she’s doing what Obama wants her to do." In an interview with CNBC, Trump said that Mr Yellen should be ashamed of what he is doing to the United states". Since the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed will cut interest rates to a level close to zero at the end of last year, after only one rate hike. Although the Fed has hinted that they are preparing for a 0.25 percentage point increase in interest rates, but also issued a future interest rate hike will be much slower than the signal in the past. Even if there is interest rate hike, it will be very very small amplitude, because they want to ensure that the stock market rose, Obama left after the new president to raise interest rates, then see what happens in the stock market." He did not, however, make it clear that Obama put pressure on MR Yellen and how he did it. The Federal Reserve is independent of the rate of interest, Yellen and other policy makers at the Federal Reserve say they have no prejudice about the November 8th election. Federal Reserve officials in Washington have no comment on Mr. Trump’s remarks, but more than one local Federal Reserve chairman has publicly stressed that the Fed’s discussion will not be affected by political factors. Cash Kari, chairman of the Federal Reserve in Minneapolis (Neel Kashkari) later in an interview with CNBC denied the accusations of Mr Trump, saying the Fed had not received political influence. "There is no politics. We study the economic data, each member is committed to our dual mission, namely full employment and price stability. "I don’t think so," said Lockhart, chairman of the Federal Reserve in Atlanta, at a local seminar in, when asked if they were facing political pressure". In fact, Trump himself on the issue of interest rates are often wavering. He had previously accused the Fed of keeping interest rates low for Obama’s sake, but also said he thought it would be good to have low interest rates, because high interest rates would make the dollar stronger and hurt American exports and manufacturing. As a businessman, he says, "I love low interest rates," but that would hurt many people who depend on saving for a living. (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Feng Dewei相关的主题文章: