Trump Sue Cruz is seriously considering he is a liar – Sohu news-aizi

05 Jun

Trump: Sue Cruz is seriously considering he is a "liar" – Sohu news [global network reported intern reporter Du Xiaodan] according to the British newspaper "independent" reported on February 17th, the United States Republican presidential candidate Mitt Trump said he was "very seriously" to sue their hand, Republican Senator Ted Cruz ·. According to reports, Trump told the "Good Morning America" that he was seriously considering a series of legal actions against Cruz. Trump said that Cruz is a "liar", and accused its due to low turnout in Iowa and distributed leaflets said some local residents "does not fulfill the right to vote". Reported that during the visit, Trump did not hesitate to his defeat to Cruz questioned, said Cruz suspected of misleading the voters, the victory shall be cancelled. "I’ve never seen anyone speak exactly the opposite of what you believe," Trump said. "I’ve never dealt with anyone like him". In a face book article, Trump cited Cruz as "the reason why people play fast and loose", including Cruz Trump and Obama said in favor of abortion to support health care bill. Trump responded by saying he was "strongly opposed to abortion", and called the Obama health care act a disaster".

特朗普:正认真考虑起诉克鲁兹 他是个“骗子”-搜狐新闻  【环球网报道 实习记者 杜晓丹】据英国《独立报》2月17日报道,美国共和党总统参选人特朗普称,他正在“非常认真地考虑”起诉其对手,共和党参议员泰德·克鲁兹。  据报道,特朗普对“早安美国”称,他正在认真考虑针对克鲁兹一系列违法行为的法律方案。  特朗普称,克鲁兹是个“骗子”,并指责其因在艾奥瓦州的低投票率而发放传单称当地一些居民“不履行选举权”。  报道称,在访问中,特朗普毫不犹豫地对自己落败于克鲁兹提出质疑,称克鲁兹涉嫌误导选民,其胜利应当被取消。“我从来没见过谁将你相信的事情说的恰好相反”,特朗普称,“我从来没应付过像他这样说谎的人”。  在一篇脸书文章中,特朗普列举了为什么克鲁兹是“反复无常的人”的原因,包括克鲁兹称特朗普赞成堕胎及支持奥巴马医保法案。特朗普对此回应称他“坚决反对堕胎”,并称奥巴马医保法案是一场“灾难”。相关的主题文章: