Trophy Q&a Corporate And Employee Recognition Awards-yvette yates

23 Jul

Sales * How often should recognition awards be given to employees? It actually depends upon the employer or the company itself. The maximum frequency of awarding is monthly, but some companies reward weekly. Some companies like pharmaceutical companies usually give awarding ceremonies every six months, depending on the performances of their agents. They usually give incentives or even cars to the agents who have reached the quota of sales. * Is it better to give an employee an award like a plaque or is it better to give cash? Employees preferred receiving cash, since they usually appreciate additional financial assistance. After all, employees are working to gain money for living. Understandably, they prefer cash over a plaque. Nevertheless, cash some companies do not like to give cash as they want to give a tangible award that will be seen and remembered for years to come. Some companies award their employees with incentives. Pharmaceutical companies often give these kinds of awards. Their agents receive incentives for having successfully reached the allotted quota for sales. * What kinds of recognition awards do employees actually want? Employees like receiving incentives. An incentive is an additional payment to employees with impressive job performances. It is also called a remunerate or financial incentive. Incentives exist in pharmaceutical companies and other companies that require a boost in sales. It is given to sales representatives who meet the expected sales quota. * What are the most common employee recognition awards? The following are the most common awards for employees: Continuous service awards are awards that are made for employees to recognize their performance regarding on their on- going responsibilities in the company. Employees who have successfully met the set goals, objectives, mission and vision of the company are the ones who receive this kind of award. Project award this award has been made to recognize employees who have successful work with the working team in terms of the enhancement of ideas and who volunteered for additional responsibilities for a project. Plaques and trophies this is an award for recognition of good performance to the company. Promotion awards this is given to employees who have successfully done their work and are capable of a higher position with more responsibilities and often more pay. * What are some good volunteer recognition award ideas? There are many good recognition ideas. One idea is making a hall of fame for the best volunteers where every month there is an award for the most outstanding volunteer, and his name will be placed in the "Hall of Volunteers." In this way, volunteers will give the best of their potential to be able to join in the Hall of Volunteers. Not only does this encourage more work from the volunteers, but they are also encouraged to become the best they can be. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: