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15 Apr

Traffic police force sergeant Wu Tianyu: there is a force called the new network example – in October 2nd, replaced from excavators, Wu Tianyu volunteered as a security officer. Liao Zhenhua Wu Tianyu taken down from the rescue scene, tired of sleeping. Liu Shanchao photo on October 6th, in Dehua County People’s Hospital for emergency treatment of Wu Tianyu. Xue Dongdong photo Beijing, Dehua 9 October Xinhua: Traffic Police Force sergeant Wu Tianyu: there is a force called model author Liao Zhenhua Xue Dongdong two years ago in early autumn, Wu Tianyu in Hunan Liling Railway Station bid farewell to their families, embarked on a journey to join the army. Through the window, he looked at was a soldier’s father solemnly, and a salute, heart secretly I said: to the example of his father, as a good soldier! A month ago, when the autumn season, Wu Tianyu ushered in a military career harvest: after two years of temper temper, he from a social youth into successful armed soldiers, completed the youth belongs to his baptism, and successfully by conscripts set to become a member of the armed police corporal, sergeant in the army through professional. More than and 700 days and nights, for Wu Tianyu, there is a complex always linger in the mind. Traffic police forces where he is a national professional emergency rescue forces in Sichuan, Wenchuan earthquake, Gansu Zhouqu landslides and Tianjin port explosion accident several major rescue operations Li repeated military exploits, at the critical moment, comrades in arms to save people’s charge into the enemy ranks, in dire straits. Two years ago, Wu Tianyu stationed in Fujian city in Fuzhou Province, the following eighth traffic police detachment of a brigade, has participated in the flood, debris flow and Taining Liancheng "NEPARTAK" typhoon "Meranti" emergency rescue mission. Wild storms, he saw the army fighting concentric scene, feel the firm confidence in victory. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival and National Day, Wu Tianyu and his comrades are spent on fighting the typhoon, rescue pat line. On September 28th, troops from the Xiamen rescue line just returned to the camp, typhoon "catfish" followed, strong landing in Fujian Province, Quanzhou City, Dehua County by on-off highway. Wu Tianyu received orders of superiors, and 120 soldiers carrying more than 40 Taiwan (sets) of large machinery emergency rush to the rescue. As one of the earliest troops arrived in the disaster area, Wu Tianyu and two comrades to the disaster investigation. To the tower Dou Cun and jujube village County Road 329 line section in Nancheng Town, a large landslide became a stumbling block". In order to accurately grasp the first-hand information, Wu Tianyu risked may be injured by falling rocks, climbed up the landslide, find out the peak has no cracks, high dangerous rock and other information, calculate the collapse of 150 thousand m3. The investigation team will report these situations. The military set of intellectual research, develop and reopen the scheme. In captain Zhang Zeyuan, Wu Tianyu and other dozens of soldiers in Nancheng collapse reopened. In September 29th 11 pm, the scene came a hasty retreat, a retreat, retreat!" After 10 seconds, a destabilization of the mountains fall down, responsible for security officer Wu Tianyu, timely find signs, once again)相关的主题文章: