Tracking Beijing – VIDEO – Henan Suixian school bus accident someone’s nursery has closed-w-inds.

15 Apr

Tracking Beijing – VIDEO – Henan Suixian school bus accident: someone’s nursery has closed [comment] in September 22nd, Henan Suixian a school bus and a small truck collided, killing 11 people injured, 2 children killed. In September 23rd, reporters in the field to the Suixian workers saw the door locked, no kindergarten, students come to class. Nearby shops, said: from the kindergarten after the accident, had been closed. In the morning, the reporter saw in the Suixian County water road workers in front of the kindergarten, there are a lot of people gathered here to talk about the school bus traffic accident yesterday, the kindergarten is closed the door, while an old lady from the door ready to go out, but after talking with reporters, he hurried back to the house, whether there are students, whether in class today the kindergarten, also asked the three do not know. [the same period] (old lady) (not in class today? Do not know. Don’t know? ) well. Do you have any students today? Do not know. Did you see the students? No. [comment] through the door, the reporter can see more than one award plaque, the kindergarten was hanging on the wall at the same time, there are 33 people in the number of public kindergarten teachers on the wall, the scale is not small. Near the kindergarten traders and many people told reporters, the kindergarten greater fame in Suixian, the school bus occurred after the accident, he closed the park. [during the same period] (near the kindergarten traders) closed yesterday afternoon? (in the morning (closed). Do you know how many students there are in this kindergarten? There are hundreds of people, 3 school buses, private kindergarten in Suixian, it ranked first in the second. [the same period] (taxi driver) it is running the first kindergarten, in addition to the organs of Suixian kindergarten, should belong to this (best). [comment] a school in the county of other Kindergarten Parents of students in an interview told reporters yesterday, for the school bus traffic accident is still a lingering fear, so decided to send their children to school. [the same period] (student parents) (now children go to school? I send it by myself (not on the school bus). [interpretation] it is understood that the number of workers in Suixian Kindergarten Education Committee, the Education Bureau, radio and television, Cultural Bureau issued the advanced units and outstanding private schools. Reporter Li Chaoqing Henan, Suixian reports相关的主题文章: