Tourists Leifeng Pagoda site a year a reward of 20 thousand yuan security stop to stop –

16 Apr

Tourists Leifeng Pagoda site a year a reward of 20 thousand yuan security stop to stop – Beijing a few "Leifeng Pagoda site are money photos in the online heat transfer yesterday, saw the glass window in the Leifeng Pagoda site, there are coins, paper money. Why do so many tourists love to throw money into it? This will not be thrown into a pile of money? Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter came to the pagoda scenic spot, despite the "protection of the site do not parabolic" warning signs posted on the glass window, but does have a lot of tourists to the window above the lost money in the security patrol stop to stop. 10 minutes, there are seven or eight people throwing money at the security patrol stop to stop yesterday, it was raining, Leifeng Pagoda scenic tourist is not much. Staff said that now has entered the off-season, and the peak season, the number of tourists to be much less. Into the gate area, take the elevator, into a door, the reporter came to the site of the display area. Leifeng Pagoda site is surrounded by glass, two layer, a layer of glass wall two meters high, above the gap. On the two floor, it becomes a glass fence, you can look at the ruins, clear. Just walked into the exhibition area, they saw a fifty or sixty year old aunt with a coin in the throwing action, aunt also used a little effort, throw a pretty far away, throw a ready to throw a. "Ah, here is not good to throw money into the." Patrol security to stop. Aunt listened to had to give up, together with other people going upstairs. Reporters went up and asked, aunt and friends from Heilongjiang, she was a little embarrassed to say, look at the money inside, he would like to throw two into. Near the sites, and sites are bright, the ground is the most up to one yuan coins, banknotes, also many, 50 Fen, one, five dollars and ten dollars more, fifty yuan, one hundred yuan less. Glass windows "to protect the site do not parabolic tips, each side has, but tourists seem to turn a blind eye, still throwing money at it. 10 minutes there are seven or eight people to pay, a girl took out a coin was thrown, heard security shouting, threw a parabolic twist posture touch hair. And there is a young man who threw the money also pulled out a coin for companion, asked him why he thought throw money, he casually to the sentence, "luck". A layer of security guards around the circle tour, we are not full-time people throwing money, mainly responsible for security work, but also to guide the tourists to take the elevator stairs, etc., but to see someone will certainly discourage throwing." Security told reporters that the majority of visitors will listen to discourage, but some of them insisted that despite the stop throwing. Scenic spots will be cleaned up every year there are more than twenty thousand yuan why tourists like to throw money into it? Leifeng Pagoda scenic spot staff also don’t understand, "we have posted a warning on the glass, also asked the tourists, many people have said, to pray. Of course, we still want to discourage and guide, but also not mandatory to tube." As everyone knows, the pagoda has a pressure of White Snake Legend, the staff said, here in Hangzhou before the sericulture, because of this legend, many people went to the pagoda to take a brick, think this.相关的主题文章: