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16 Apr

Toulouse is eager to become Chinese into France’s second entrance – International – in Beijing in September 30, eleventh France (Ho Chien) mayor Roundtable recently held successfully in Toulouse city of southwest France. Toulouse municipal government and the Toulouse airport express a willingness to further strengthen bilateral regional cooperation between the two countries to China delegation and visiting media, especially in the future to the opening of direct flights and flights to Chinese City, Toulouse will become the southwest of France in the technology industry, business investment and tourism field is of strategic importance to the friendly relations between China and France city. In recent years, the Sino French cooperation in the field of business continues to heat up. In 2015, the Shandong high speed group as the representative of Chinese funded enterprises to acquire 49.99% of the shares of Toulouse airport, China and France to become a model case of investment cooperation. 2015 to date, the airport is running well, the economy has reached expectations, the number of visitors rose from 7700000 to 8000000 people, the future is expected to reach up to 12000000 people. At present, Toulouse and Chongqing, China has become a friendly city, and in the field of aviation, sports and other cities in Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ji’nan and other exchanges and cooperation. Toulouse hope that the future can be gradually opened direct flights and China city (such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Ji’nan and other places), to further strengthen cooperation between the two countries. Toulouse is the important economic Industrial Science and Technology City, is where the Airbus headquarters, and France has more than and 2 Chinese students in the city. As a high-tech enterprise gathering area, Toulouse has a large number of high-tech enterprises ranked in the international leading position in the aerospace, medical equipment, cancer research, pharmaceutical industry, automatic machinery, IT and other fields, including more than 1200 aerospace enterprises, employees reached 200 thousand people, from all over the world. Over the past five years, Toulouse real estate continues to heat up, fully showing the economic vitality of the southwest city of france. In addition, every year in September, Toulouse municipal government and local Aviation Association (Association des Etoiles et des Ailes) by the aviation industry advantage and old air force base, launched air Toulouse Biennale and open to the public. The audience can enjoy the most legendary antique aircraft and the latest design of the Rafale to perform fantastic beautiful flight performance. At present, Toulouse is competing with other French local city, hoping to become after Paris, Chinese in France and the southern entrance second. In order to meet the Chinese passengers more, Toulouse municipal government and the airport is making active preparations, including the expansion of the airport, the airport is Chinese service, build high The Airport Hotel, strengthen regional tourism promotion etc.. Toulouse mayor Jean Luke · Mu Dan (Jean-Luc Moudenc); special mention: "welcome more China visitors to Toulouse, also hope that the future of Toulouse airport and China opened direct flights, strengthen the tourism cooperation between the two countries." "I hope that the future of China’s investors can also enter the local more investment areas, strengthen bilateral cooperation in local areas相关的主题文章: