Top 7 Sites For Massage Therapy-zghd

15 Sep

Fitness-Equipment Have you been having a hard time looking for a massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed instead of tense and worse than when you came in? I’m going to give you the best top seven sites to find a very revitalizing massage.These sites are guaranteed to help you out, not only because they are good sites but because I have personally tested them out. The first site I want to tell you about is Massage Pot. This is a very, very good site to find a therapeutic massage. This is my favorite site, the prices are affordable and the massages are top quality. They are also very professional as all of them have been trained in great colleges and state liscensed. This is a relatively new site and if you are a massage therapist reading this right now, you can post your ad on here for free. They do require a 20% fee from every appointment you do through their .pany, but it is worth it. They will handle all your calls for you so you don’t have to – a great time saver! This is to ensure you get the sites worth. Body Rub USA is another super site to try. However, you will have to weed through some of it to get to the LMT’s. The site was originally designed for body rub specialists, however there are some great Massage Therapists that also post here. All in all though it is a very good website, and they are also very professional, so no .plaints here either. Craigslist is a fabulous site. Very easy to navigate, because they have a wonderful therapeutic section. But again, there are some awesome massage therapists tucked away in this section. Very skilled and quality massages. CityVibe is another small site where again it is mainly body rub specialists but you can also find some top quality legit massage therapists on this site. It depends on which city and state you’re in. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Backpage. Personally, I don’t re.mend this site since it’s extremely hard to find a quality, legit liscensed massage. You have to be very careful when searching this site. I have found some great massage therapists on here though. OLX and SalesSpider. These are two sites that are very similar to Craigslist. perhaps not quite as popular but you can still find some awesome massages on here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: