Tongzhou six district two project is expected to start this year — real estate —

18 Nov

Tongzhou "six zone belt" project is expected to start this year, real estate — original title: Tongzhou "six zone belt" project is expected to start this year, the newspaper news (reporter Cao Zheng) the ecological environment of Beijing city deputy center within the region will further enhance the optimization. The reporter learned yesterday, Tongzhou "six zone with water environment treatment project has been completed the tender, formally established the engineering construction, the next 6 kilometer, two ecological belts will fully control the water environment through water management, smelly water and sponge pilot city construction, let more people enjoy the clear green shore beauty at home can. This year, a total investment of 10 billion yuan of the bidding plan announced, "Tongzhou – Beijing city deputy center of water environmental governance PPP construction project is divided into 8 areas for bidding, each project is almost billion yuan level. These 8 regions together almost covering the sub center of the city territory, 8 projects were divided by the two rivers area, north area, Chaobai River Ecological Zone, North Canal ecological zone, permanent area, Taiwan area, horse cattle area, Hexi area?. "Ecological belt is mainly based on the river, strip shape." Municipal water authority, a person in charge told reporters that the area of governance area is greater. According to the official website of the Municipal Finance Bureau issued a notice, the North Canal ecological zone planning area is Tongzhou region north of north gate, South to Beijing Hebei border, including two dike between and the surrounding area, including the construction of the North Canal water purification plant, Yan Fang Lake Wetland project and the North Canal (Tongzhou section) comprehensive management engineering; Chaobai River Ecological Zone planning area is north of smooth junction, South to pass incense junction, the main construction contents for the Chaobai River (Tongzhou section) comprehensive treatment project. The other 6 areas of governance project, also in building a "green water", including the construction of flood control and drainage, water ecological restoration, sewage pollution in rural areas, the smelly water governance. Currently, these 8 kilometer project has been completed tender. Unlike in the past, the water environment governance is the cooperation between the government and social capital project, after winning the Commonwealth and the Tongzhou District government funded jointly composed of item company, the project investment, construction and operation management integration + government purchase service "mode, construction and operation service period of 25 years. According to the plan, is expected to start construction this year, the construction period is determined according to the specific size of the project, after the completion of the construction of operational services." The responsible person said. In the 6 construction area, two rivers area and the area north of the city is very important. From the investment point of view, the two rivers area water environment treatment project investment of 5 billion 250 million yuan, the area north of the city water environmental governance project investment of 3 billion 70 million yuan, two projects total investment accounted for 8 of the total investment of more than 1/4 projects. These two regions will build a comprehensive system of rain and sewage diversion, the comprehensive upgrading of low standard rainwater pipeline." The reporter was informed that the rainwater, sewage and reclaimed water line construction area, while opening the rural sewage treatment project, the smelly water, the construction of two rivers, north of the city water system. It is worth mentioning that, Beijing was selected in the country’s second batch of sponge city)相关的主题文章: