Tired and trouble why old drivers like to drive this car (video) tamiflu

19 Nov

Tired and troublesome old driver why do you like to open this kind of car manual block car good or automatic block? Now many young people tend to buy automatic car, automatic intelligent control that simple, conforms to modern people’s concept of "enjoy". But a lot of old drivers like to drive a manual car, do you know why? 1, first of all, it is very important to control the driving pleasure of the manual block, from the world’s major auto racing, the car is manual block. Many of the old driver said, automatic car throttle away, that is not what the boy drive electric vehicle! From the driving pleasure, the manual is quite awesome! 2, the initial speed when it comes to starting speed, some automatic models is very fast, as long as the transmission power is large enough and awesome. But with the same models to compare, the starting speed of the automatic model is not as good as the starting speed of manual transmission models, the reason is in fact similar to our reasons for the above. Manual control gear changes will be more flexible than machine control! 3, strong adaptability to meet special circumstances, there is indeed a manual transmission car is more powerful than the strain capacity, automatic for example, meet a deep puddle, that is, a manual transmission vehicle can lower gear on the pedal straight through, and don’t let the water sucked into the car! But automatic models may have to consider how to pass. Furthermore, take the mountain road, the vehicle may be in the continuous transformation of the car stalls, and manual gear can keep the low gear uphill, then the efficiency is self-evident! 4, on the coasting that may be used to have a lot of old drivers, most of the old drivers love coasting, they may think it is more fuel-efficient. In fact, this is not good for the gearbox, but you can not blame the old driver. They have been coasting slide do not know how many years, want to let them get rid of the habit of fear is difficult. This is also an important reason for the old drivers like manual block models! 5, relatively low cost more affordable, manual cars more fuel-efficient than automatic models, because the automatic gear box inside the energy transfer is driven by hydraulic pressure, not up to speed it will not decrease stalls, that is to say, to determine the gear change according to the movement of the machine, relatively more for mechanization! But manual block is to manually determine the increase or decrease in gear, more timely. Shift timing is more reasonable, so the fuel consumption is less than the automatic block! In the maintenance manual car costs are relatively low, such as the manual gearbox car problems, maintenance and repair price is relatively low. But the automatic transmission gearbox if there is a problem, then the repair costs will be much higher! In fact, can not tell the automatic models and manual transmission models which is good, Xiao Bian think this problem well, or different views!相关的主题文章: